Monday, April 30, 2007

My xie zhen ji

Today is Labour Day. Daddy says if I were born on this day then it'd be more appropriate, but I don't understand why leh. Why hah??? Anyway, what is most important is that today is a public holiday, so Mummy and Daddy can be with me the whole day!!!!! And what do they do when they are free? Take pictures of course!
Mummy and Daddy were applying calendula cream on me when Daddy decided to flip me on my tummy so that it's easier to apply the cream on my back, and then Mummy had this bright idea to take my xie zhen ji!!! *blush* Mummy and Daddy say that every baby must have this kind of photo... really meh?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tummy time!

I now do my tummy exercises for a few minutes a day - when Mummy remembers to make me! And today for the 1st time I held my head up straight for about 2-3 minutes, enough time for Mummy to play with me, go get a camera to capture this historic moment (HISTORIC? Mummy, you exaggerate la), and after that, play with me some more.

My classic "HELLO world!" pose.

See how high I lifted my head!!!
Mummy: "Look at the camera, darling! Smile!"
Claire: *grrrr* It's hard enough holding my head up for so long. You still expect me to SMILE?

Me and my shoes

I can fit into my Mary Jane socks liao!!!! Mummy spent a bomb (Daddy says: "SIAO!!") but she says it's worth it coz everywhere I go people gush over them!