Sunday, June 24, 2007

My first semi-solid meal

Yea! Today Mummy decided that it's finally the right time to start me off on rice cereal. The cereal has actually been sitting on the top shelf of our kitchen cabinet for three weeks already.

Mummy was worried that I won't take to the rice cereal well, so she made me only 1 teaspoon and made it very very watery, but to her surprise, I took to it like a duck to water. In fact, I wanted MORE (see, that accounts for my chubby physique!) but Mummy says it's enough for one day, she's gotta see how I poo first. Heheheh.

So tomorrow Mummy is going to ask Granny to make my cereal slightly thicker, and then during the week Granny is probably going to give me some cooked apple. :) *happy* Mummy says she'll make some carrot puree for me this weekend. Yay!

Apprehensive Claire waiting for her cereal...

So this is what most of my Jan friends are taking, and I've been missing out on. Hmmm.....

Say "Ahhhhhh......"

We likes it! MORE! MORE! MORRREEEEE!!!!

Shrekie Claire

Mummy joined my Jan friends' mummies in going Shrek-crazy lately.... She's been taking series and series of Shrek photos of me in the hope that I'd smile in at least ONE of them so that she can send it off to Auntie Ginsengmum, who's compiling the Shrekie photos for my Jan friends, but of course, no such luck, ahahahahahahaha...

Anyway, here's a couple of her efforts when Daddy was around...


Aiya, forget it. Take picture of Shrekie Daddy smiling instead... confirm 100% success!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Spot the Clairester

Today, Mummy was digging in Daddy's picture folders to see what new pictures of me she could post, when she came across a folder of pictures taken during their last pre-Claire trip. Mummy told me that this was my first documented overseas trip, hahahahhahahaha. And it just so happened to be a cruise as well (although it was on a cheapo cruise as Star Cruise would not accept Mummy and me on the ship - grrrr, long story). Anyway, at that time I was 24 weeks old in Mummy's tummy, on a 2-day cruise to nowhere. Mummy says I was seasick throughout the trip coz I didn't move much and she was quite worried for me, but the minute we touched shore I became active again. Luckily on my recent Star Cruise trip I had no such problems (though I got terribly homesick by the 2nd night).

See if you can spot me in the following pictures, kekekekekekeke. (By the way, Mummy's latest nickname for me is 'Clairester', which Daddy doesn't like much, but I think it's ok!)

Mummy and me on the top deck. (Wah, Mummy was so fat when she was having me!)

See, there's me again! Dun ask me why Mummy had that look on her face.... I also dunnoe. Was I torturing her? hahahahahahaha

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Claire Babylegs

Mummy came home this evening with new stuff for me (again). But I rather like them, and so does Granny, who thinks they'll come into use when I start crawling. So verdict: good buy, good buy!

Me in my multi 06 Babylegs!!!! (PS: Mummy also got them in stripe pink and polkadot blue for me.)

Monday, June 18, 2007

So Exciting!!!

Oh, Saturday was a very exciting day. I met many many new friends! But silly Mummy forgot the camera, so now she has to wait for other kind souls to donate photos documenting my Saturday adventures. In the meantime, let me tell you all about it first.

At 11am, I set out with Mummy and Daddy to Mt Alvernia Hospital, to visit my little uncle (the family's newest arrival). Mummy says even though he is younger than me, I gotta call him "shushu" because he is actually Daddy's youngest cousin. While Mummy and Daddy gushed over shushu, I was really more interested in playing with my lao kim (shushu's mummy) and lao kim's friend... Kekekekekeke... Mummy says I'm jealous of new babies, but Mummy, it's just that new babies cannot really play with me mah. They're so boring, just lie in their cots and sleep sleep sleep all day. Haiz. Oh, and Mummy also told me that I was born in Mt Alvernia. We didn't get to go and see whether I first descended upon the world (Mummy says cannot anyhow enter delivery suite) but I did get to see the nursery which was home to me for the first three days of my life (not that I remember much...).

Then, on the way home from hospital, Daddy suggested that Mummy and I go and visit Auntie Crystal and Baby Isaiah today instead of tomorrow, which was Mummy's original plan. Mummy was only too happy to agree, so off we went! Mummy says Isaiah and I are going to play together next time, but hor, I'm not very interested also, because Isaiah also seems to do nothing but sleep! Auntie Crystal took a picture of me and Isaiah side by side (though Mummy didn't dare to put me too close to Isaiah coz she says I got roaming hands, worried that I'll disturb him). Mummy says last time I was only as small as Isaiah, but she finds it very amazing that I'm the giant I am now. Grrrrr.... Halfway through our visit, Isaiah got hungry, and then Uncle SF came out with a milk bottle for Isaiah. Everyone laughed when they saw the woeful look on my face as the bottle went to Isaiah instead. I don't understand - at home, bottles belong to me, me, ME! How come other babies also got bottle leh? Then Mummy told me the milk bottle contains milk for Isaiah, but I drink special milk that's meant for me only. Hmmm... only slightly placated.

Then I went home to attend the family barbeque, and Auntie Pook and Uncle Korn dropped in! And Auntie Pook bought me a little gift which I liked sooooo much, I almost decided right there and then to go back to Thailand with her! Needless to say, Mummy was a little miffed that my loyalties shifted so quickly. But hor Mummy, when it comes to bedtime, I decided that I still want only Mummy by my side! Mummy is still my favourite person in the whole wide world! So Mummy, don't be angry at me anymore ok. *pat pat* kekekekekekeke... See who's jealous now! hahahhahaha

Ok, will try to update next time with pictures...

Friday, June 8, 2007

My first holiday!!!

This is my first time going on a holiday, so exciting.....!
Sleeping on the balcony is sooooo comfortable!

My swimming costume!

Jie jie's goggle (its too big on me, isn't it obvious?)

Our family photo!

Sitting on a sofa at 'Galaxy of the stars'
(The place you people play Bingo!)

My travel 'ducky' bath tub (courtesy of Aunty Jeya)

I'm 4 months old liao!!!

Aiyo.... What you all trying to do?

Argh.... Ok la ok la, take a snappy snap, please.

This photo was taken on the day I was exactly 4 months old. Dunno why there's this funny theory about rubbing a drumstick on baby's lips when they're 4 months old... How would you people feel if I rub something on your lips and NOT let you have it? I don't exactly enjoy it (you can tell straight from the first photo) but anyway, its something new so give daddy and mummy some face and pose nicely (thou reluctantly) for a second shot...
For the benefit of those who don't understand about this drumstick-rub-baby-lips thingy, according to one of my 'lao yi', it symbolises the opening ceremony of meat eating (or something like that la).

My passport photo

Due to popular demand (or rather there's too many complaints that my blog is outdated), daddy and mummy finally managed to squeeze out sometime to update my blog:

In this episode, my passport photo making process is featured. Think its quite a tedious process cos both daddy and mummy tried taking at least 40 photos before they are satisfied (and I'm exhausted from their torturings spread over a few days...)