Monday, January 4, 2010

Claire Goes to School

Waiting for the school bus
Well, before I knew it, my little monster was turning 3, and I had to send her off to school. Our final choice was Gracefields @Teck Whye. Substantial reasons: small student:teacher ratio, good curriculum, gut feel. Superficial reason: They have the cutest uniform. But anywayyyyy, this is Claire on the first day of school, waiting for the school bus to pick her up. Me? I rushed off to school via LRT. Still did not get there in time to see her get off the bus though, because she is the last one picked up before proceeding to school. She is also the first one to be dropped off after school, so that's good because then she doesn't spend hours on the school bus.

Settling in at school and making herself at home, getting to know the toys.
My worries about her not being able to settle down in school were unfounded... Claire was oblivious to my presence and quickly settled down with the wooden puzzles. After about 10 min of feeling unwanted, I decided to step out. Loitered outside the classroom and chatted with some of the other parents. I think the one suffering from separation anxiety is me. :P

Looks so packed right??? But the first three days were not like that; the children spent most of their time playing, and then there was some m & m at the end of the day. The teachers couldn't do anything else much either in any case because half the kids were still crying away. Thankfully though mine was her usual unperturbed, adaptable self.

Snack time - eating independently
Well I guess those snack times at Kidsloft must have helped somehow... the Clairester was very independent when it came to eating. She wasn't so adept at using the spoon to scoop up the kway teow though and was one of the slowest to finish. But hey, she did it without any help from the teachers. I thought she was a bit neglected the first couple of days because she was so independent and most of her other classmates attracted and needed more attention from the teachers. But the teachers and the other parents kept telling me about how good she was. oh well.

Time to go home!!!
So proud of my little N1 student! ;)