Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Recruit Sim

The time came when I was finally old enough to head off to perform my national service. So one fine day I went off into the great unknown with my silly Ah Gu.

Mummy, I will miss you!!! What's going to happen to me??!! *trembling lips...* BWAAAHHHHH!!!!

Recruit Sim, this is your battle gear. Make sure you don't lose anything.

Hmmm... I think they said this is my new milk bottle from now on. I wonder if it'll contain some of my special milk??

Even baby recruits have to keep up with physical demands! Luckily I'm a strong girl!

101, 102, 103..... This is a breeze man!!!

Today is my bookout day, hurrah, hurrah.... Yay! Mummy, I'm coming home!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

So, who do I look like, again?

Hahahaha... Mummy is so happy to see this result. I think she's obsessed with the idea that I look like her. LOL. It's a fun exercise though.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Of Hats and Hairclips...

Recently, the whole of SMH January Mommies went a little crazy over headgear, my mummy included. So, I ended up being a Gymboree model again. Oh, and Mummy has this thing about doggies... whenever she sees something with a doggie on it, she can't resist and soon, yours truly will have this doggie thing, whatever it is. So don't be surprised when you see me decked out in doggie wear from head to toe - Mummy designed it to be that way!

Sigh. Mummy, are you wearing this correctly for me? How come I look like a baker boy instead huh?

Do I look like I'm trying to smile? Er, actually I'm screaming at Mummy to take this off. Mummy, Auntie Icy, Auntie Mildy and Auntie Melody bought this for all four of us (me, Rachel, Charlene and Shayna) after seeing Ah Des in this (Auntie Dawn is a bad influence! hahahaha)

In addition, the other day, Mummy found this adorable clip while shopping in Raffles Place the other day. She thought my hair might finally be long enough, so she decided to just buy and try. And... TA-DAH! It fits! I think Ah Des and Charlene should look nice in it too. *Mummy grabs Claire and runs to hide under table* Hello world! Mummy says no one could possibly mistake me for a boy now. Hahaha..

All dressed up and ready to go out... If you're wondering why Mummy didn't pose a picture of me looking at the camera, it's because I REFUSED to pose, after having already posed so much earlier on. So in the end Mummy had no choice. Hiaks.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Announcement: I have a tooth!

I've officially cut my first tooth on 2 Sept 2007!!! My center left bottom tooth has finally made its appearance, making my Mummy a little teary coz she realised that I'm growing faster and faster each day.

Oh, and Daddy's just taught Mummy how to download pictures from her handphone to the PC, so now I'll have even more pictures to show you guys here! Yea!

Anyway, when I was around 5 months old, my Ah Gu bought me some Heinz's teething rusks, but due to my allergies, Mummy has delayed letting me try them (they contain wheat flour, you see). Now that I'm 7 1/2 months old, and have a tooth, Mummy thinks I can try a bit. Verdict? I likes it! I likes it! Iiiiiiii LIKES it!

Hmmmm... yum yum. My first teething rusk. Cool!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Fitness Routine

Hello everyone! Here's my contribution to the gym fad - my very own home fitness routine! It all started when Mummy laughed at me for being too fat (boo hoo hoo!!!)... so I decided to do a little exercise to try to slim down. Hopefully I will soon be as slim and chio as my chio chio cousin Arianne jiejie (who by the way turns 1 on Tuesday - happy birthday cousin!) or my chio chio friend Ah Des (who now has her very own blog and her very own cute gorgor - Ah Des, can you give me your gorgor? I want! hahahahaha).... Ok, so now we move on to the topic of the day - a 'live' demo of Claire's fitness routine.

Ready? Ok, first lie tummy down on the bed.

Use your feet to push the ground so that your butt goes skyhigh! Oh, and push the ground with your hands too!

And now, lower your knees to the ground!

Stay in this position for 3 seconds.

AH-TISH-SHOO... And all fall down! Well done!!! You are now a wee bit slimmer!

P/S: Mummy hopes this is a prelude to me learning how to crawl. By the way, right now I can only stay in position, I can't move. hahahahhahaha