Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Phuket Escapade 30 May - 2 June

So Papa and Mummy had this bright idea when they went to this talk organized by Marriott Vacation Club, which was how we came to be on a plane to Phuket on 30 May. They took up an offer by MVC for a 4D3N stay at Marriott Mai Khao Beach, for USD499. For a two bedroom suite that sleeps 8, it was a very good deal. After two months of anticipation, we finally got on the plane to Phuket.

The Clairester on the plane (not in a very good mood because the flight was at 8.15am in the morning!)

View of the pathetic swimming pool from our 2-bedroom suite on the 5th floor - yup, that's the ENTIRE pool. Sad right.

Papa and Ah Gong competing to inflate my mushroom float while i enjoyed an afternoon snack.

Grinning evilly at the thought of the two slaves at my disposal (see pic above)

They had a DVD player there. Mummy brought my favourite Hi-5 disc (the one I call Hi-5 xing!) and Elmo VCD along, but she needn't have bothered, because there's PLAYHOUSE DISNEY! Here I am camped out in front of the TV in our bedroom (flat-screen somemore, don't pray pray)

You didn't think I'd go anywhere without Pi, did you? :P

Self-entertaining with crayons and paper while the family relaxed at a massage centre in the middle of Central Festival Market - the biggest shopping mall in Phuket (I think). I've been drawing circles for months now, and I even try to draw faces sometimes (but of course if I didn't explain to you that this was a face you wouldn't be able to tell).

Watching the sunset at the beach (yup, you guessed it - another one of Papa's artistic/journalistic attempts!)

Mummy and me - on the way home... so fast...
Making myself comfy on TR153....

Self-entertainment because we couldn't afford a plane with inflight entertainment system - hiaks hiaks hiaks.
Review of Marriott Mai Khao: Obviously a spillover resort for the JW Marriott Phuket Resort and Spa (which by the way was way bigger and had a far nicer and bigger pool). Very limited facilities (but the breakfast at the restaurant was good). The room itself was very nice; they had everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) you could think of within the room, including your own washing machine and dryer, ironing board, microwave oven, coffee maker, so many kitchen utensils that we couldn't even recognize some of them. Location was far from ideal however; we had to hire a private driver to take us everywhere because there simply wasn't any other cheaper way to get out.