Saturday, April 19, 2008

Why don't more shopping malls do this?

So much talk about Singapore being child friendly, but so far I've seen this installed at only 2 places - United Square (inside the handicapped toilet only) and Ikea.

For a mum who brings her baby/toddler out alone, this thing is a lifesaver. I don't have to worry about:
1) Squeezing my stroller into the teeny weeny cubicle (and not succeeding)
2) Using the handicapped toilet (yes of course I have to do that, if not I'll probably have to start using adult diapers??!! - I mean, what can I do if my stroller doesn't fit into the teeny weeny cubicle???)
3) My kid sitting down, or squatting down and touching funny things on the ground.
Granted, Singapore is already very baby/child friendly when compared to some other countries, but we should always strive for improvement right? (BTW, the underpass linkway from Novena MRT to United Square - UNFRIENDLY. You go through all the trouble of installing escalators and all, just to have a small flight of stairs leading down to the walkway, from the escalator? What's up with that???)

The Day I Walked Away from Mummy...

Cheeky Claire discovering the meaning of freedom

Okok, so I took my first steps on 24 March 2008, but April 19th was the day that I really began to walk all over the place on my own. Before that I was still happy being led or being carried. And I didn't even hesitate and turn back to look for Mummy... I was just wandering, wandering, wandering.... No wonder I have a harness buddy. Sigh.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gogo Bambini!!

Now that I can finally walk, Mummy can finally fulfil her goal of bringing me to play at one of those new-fangled indoor playgrounds! And her choice of playground was one of the more well-known ones - Gogo Bambini at Dempsey Road.

Review: These indoor playgrounds are really more for 3-4 year olds huh? There were such crowds of 3-4 year olds screaming and running wild all over the place. Still I enjoyed myself at the infant ball pit for a while, and Mummy also brought me into the playground itself for a bit, in a secluded corner where I stood less risk of being trampled on.

Price: PRICEY!!!! This outing together with lunch for Granny, Mummy and me cost a whopping $50. And it wasn't even that fun. Humph.

Aftermath: The next day, Mummy felt very stupid for bringing me to the indoor playground as she suddenly remembered that it was the peak of HFMD. *slams head against wall* Well, the good news was I didn't come down with HFMD, but i did manage to come back with a rather nasty bout of flu. Mummy just thanks her lucky stars that it was only flu and not something else.

Rare smiling picture - Gogo Bambini's cafe

Mummy and ME!

Surrounded and half-buried in the ball pit!

Why doesn't anyone want to play with me? *sob*

Oooo.... isn't the ceiling high....

YEA! I've mastered the art of balancing!

Am I cute or am I cute??!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

By popular demand

Ok, I finally managed to prod Mummy into sitting at the computer and uploading more pics from our photoshoot!!! Most are happy-Claire faces.

Mummy bought this Dale from HK Disneyland for herself, but somehow I took a crazy fancy to it and now I get to borrow it most of the time. LOL

Rocking horse!!! It was my Ah Gu who first taught me how to play on the rocking horse. I have a similar one at home, but this one is more colourful.

Nice pose? Heehee

One of Mummy's favourites - Papa says I look Harry-Potterish.

Fell in love with this walker at the studio and wouldn't let it go.

Claire at 14.5 months...

Ok, just a short record of what I've been doing the past week.

Mummy's newest form of entertainment - asking me to point at my body parts. I can identify my nose, eyes, mouth, ears and hair. Mummy also thinks I can identify my foot. But I have a strange tendency to tell Mummy that my mouth is up my nostril, and my eyes are really in my ears. It irritates her no end, because she knows I can give her the right answer, but I'm just being naughty, as usual.

Other things I can do:
1) Toddle around class helping Ms Shauna keep the instruments and such. I like to pick up the instruments (Mummy nearly fainted last week when I picked up the heavy drum I was allotted and happily went looking for Ms Shauna) and approach Ms Shauna with them. When I'm in class, I forget that I need Mummy around in order to walk, so I'm quite happy toddling around. But outside of class Mummy has to hold my hand, if not I will just crawl. LOL.

2) When I want to go out, I will go look for my shoes and try to put them on. Oh, and I will stand at attention by my tricycle. Not that Mummy takes any notice *grrrr*.

3) Taking off my clothes. I will put my hands up so that Mummy finds it easier to slip my shirts off. Sometimes she just takes my arms out and then leaves me to pull the shirt off my head. *rolls eyes* My Mummy gets amused by the silliest things.

4) Not progressing much in terms of actual talking, but I AM getting much better at communicating! To Mummy's horror, this week I've stopped wanting to talk. Instead I'm quite happy pointing, shaking my head, and em-ahing my way through. Any ideas on how to encourage me to learn to talk again? Please drop Mummy a note!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My family photoshoot

Whee whee!!! I went for my first family photoshoot session yesterday. It was extremely fun watching all the funny people dancing around with exaggerated expressions and huge strained smiles, in valiant attempts to make me laugh or at least smile.

Mummy and Papa were very happy with the results. At first at the studio they thought the pics would look quite ordinary, but when they came home and looked at the DVD-rom they were quite stunned that the photos looked so good, hahahahahaha. Now Papa is considering whether to go for one huge family photoshoot with this Uncle David from Foto-U.

Oh, and big thanks to my aunties from Mummy's Crescent family, for getting me this package as my 1st birthday present!!! It's certainly left Mummy with some everlasting beautiful memories of moi! Kekekekekekekekekeke

Here are some of Mummy's favourite shots to share. If she can spare the time she will upload more later.

Hello, my name is Claire, and these are my parents.

Yes? You were looking for me??

Last chance to take this kind of traditional naked baby shot. Kekekeke
Nice family shot.

Here I am crawling away again...

Korean Baby

Mummy likes the way my foot is positioned in this shot.

Wizard in training... BAHHHHH!!!!!