Sunday, April 6, 2008

My family photoshoot

Whee whee!!! I went for my first family photoshoot session yesterday. It was extremely fun watching all the funny people dancing around with exaggerated expressions and huge strained smiles, in valiant attempts to make me laugh or at least smile.

Mummy and Papa were very happy with the results. At first at the studio they thought the pics would look quite ordinary, but when they came home and looked at the DVD-rom they were quite stunned that the photos looked so good, hahahahahaha. Now Papa is considering whether to go for one huge family photoshoot with this Uncle David from Foto-U.

Oh, and big thanks to my aunties from Mummy's Crescent family, for getting me this package as my 1st birthday present!!! It's certainly left Mummy with some everlasting beautiful memories of moi! Kekekekekekekekekeke

Here are some of Mummy's favourite shots to share. If she can spare the time she will upload more later.

Hello, my name is Claire, and these are my parents.

Yes? You were looking for me??

Last chance to take this kind of traditional naked baby shot. Kekekeke
Nice family shot.

Here I am crawling away again...

Korean Baby

Mummy likes the way my foot is positioned in this shot.

Wizard in training... BAHHHHH!!!!!

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