Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meeting up with my friends

Mummy took leave today so that she could go have a look at my potential new school together with Auntie Jane and Alyssa jie-jie (thank you auntie Jane for making the appt for us, and so sorry that we were late!!!)

After the school visit, we went down to Suntec to meet up with a few mommies together with their princesses. The only thorn among us - Kimi - was in school so that Auntie Tona could have a breather, hahaha. But it was still very enjoyable, and at least now we will play together a little. These mommies are some of my Mummy's closest friends from SMH. Oh, and my triplet sister Charlene was also missing in action (Auntie Sharon fly A380 again!).

Mummy says we should have more of these outings, and I so agree!

Alyssa and me - Mummy likes this pic so much coz she says we are posing like models in this. Papa says Alyssa looks like a big sister.

Alyssa, Rachel, me, Estelle and Desiree. Observe the strange face I'm trying to make. LOL.

Rachel: Claire, are those my marshmallows you are holding?
Claire: Psst, Deszi, I 70, you 30. Onz?
Deszi: Eh, why like that. We call it deal at 60-40 la, want?
Estelle: Hey, what about me??!!
Alyssa: I dunno anything, leave me out of this...
3 pretty maidens in a row...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back at Kids' Loft

Mummy and I were overjoyed when we finally received news from Ms Lavina that Kids Loft was back in action. Though they took very good care of us at Playdays, overall we still felt much more at home at Kids Loft. I got practically my whole class back, along with a couple of new friends.

With the bigger outdoor area, we've gotten into doing more 'adventurous' activities this term. We did one round of hand-painting, and today we had a session of feet-painting. The minute the parents saw us sitting prettily all in a row, out came the cameras!

Pretty children all in a row.... Where's Zavier? Busy looking for Krissa, hahahaha!
Putting my feet into the paint. Ms Lavina put paint onto kitchen towels for us to step onto, so that we would not feel that the paint was too "dirty", as kids are bound to do...

Waiting for my snacks and posing for Mummy's camera...

Drinking from the cup. For some reason I would only do this properly in school, and this term I developed a fascination with apple juice and drinking from the cup, so much so that I often leave my snacks half-eaten.

Finally exhausted, I fell asleep at the table halfway through dinner. And of course, the first thing my heartless, amused parents did was to whip out the camera, as usual.

The Bento Craze

Mummy decided to get onto the Bento Wagon a few weeks ago, after being inspired by what some of my friends' moms were cooking up for my friends.

To her surprise, apart from the her satisfaction from the better-looking lunches she managed to create, she also realised that bento lunches were so much easier to make than the hot one-dish meals she spent so much time doing. And best of all, bento lunches can be eaten warm or cold. Yay, to fuss-free meals!

Anyway this was Mummy's creation for this Saturday's lunch. I always get bento lunch on Saturdays as I have to rush to class. Today's menu: Pooh-shaped egg and cheese sandwiches, accompanied by a helping of Gerber's peach yogurt melts. If anyone is going to the US, please be a kind soul and help me get this, because I love it!!!

Not bad for someone who never did well in home economics and decidedly lacked creativity on the artistic front huh?

My cute bento lunchbox.