Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Bento Craze

Mummy decided to get onto the Bento Wagon a few weeks ago, after being inspired by what some of my friends' moms were cooking up for my friends.

To her surprise, apart from the her satisfaction from the better-looking lunches she managed to create, she also realised that bento lunches were so much easier to make than the hot one-dish meals she spent so much time doing. And best of all, bento lunches can be eaten warm or cold. Yay, to fuss-free meals!

Anyway this was Mummy's creation for this Saturday's lunch. I always get bento lunch on Saturdays as I have to rush to class. Today's menu: Pooh-shaped egg and cheese sandwiches, accompanied by a helping of Gerber's peach yogurt melts. If anyone is going to the US, please be a kind soul and help me get this, because I love it!!!

Not bad for someone who never did well in home economics and decidedly lacked creativity on the artistic front huh?

My cute bento lunchbox.

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