Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meeting up with my friends

Mummy took leave today so that she could go have a look at my potential new school together with Auntie Jane and Alyssa jie-jie (thank you auntie Jane for making the appt for us, and so sorry that we were late!!!)

After the school visit, we went down to Suntec to meet up with a few mommies together with their princesses. The only thorn among us - Kimi - was in school so that Auntie Tona could have a breather, hahaha. But it was still very enjoyable, and at least now we will play together a little. These mommies are some of my Mummy's closest friends from SMH. Oh, and my triplet sister Charlene was also missing in action (Auntie Sharon fly A380 again!).

Mummy says we should have more of these outings, and I so agree!

Alyssa and me - Mummy likes this pic so much coz she says we are posing like models in this. Papa says Alyssa looks like a big sister.

Alyssa, Rachel, me, Estelle and Desiree. Observe the strange face I'm trying to make. LOL.

Rachel: Claire, are those my marshmallows you are holding?
Claire: Psst, Deszi, I 70, you 30. Onz?
Deszi: Eh, why like that. We call it deal at 60-40 la, want?
Estelle: Hey, what about me??!!
Alyssa: I dunno anything, leave me out of this...
3 pretty maidens in a row...

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little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ Cute gal with cute friends!~