Tuesday, July 22, 2008

18 months and counting...

Ok, so I'm not the brightest 18-month-old around, but I am still Mummy's darlingest cutest baby monster (yes I have a lot of pet names. It gets me confused. So are you surprised that it took me so long to realise my REAL name is Claire?).

Since the last time I blogged on my milestones, this is how much further I have gone:
1) Spoken Communications - I still hate speaking. Why speak when I can point and hmmm hmmm my way ALL the way? Mummy is tearing her hair out but (hahaha) I'm afraid there's nothing much she can do about it because it's MY mouth and under MY control. Hiaks. But I have still made some progress - I can now pronounce 'baobao' clearly. I also greet 'gonggong' in the mornings and evenings when he comes back from work. Birds are 'niaoniao' pronounced in the Singlish manner (Mummy: yes I know this doesn't sound very nice, but neither does 'bird bird' right??? anyway she appears to have somehow figured out on her own that birds are called 'niao'.) and I get very excited when I spot birds on the road (points and calls loudly, 'niaoniao!!') I have finally learnt to greet Granny's neighbour's dog Cookie properly too ('Cookie'!). I also say 'sit' when I sit down (and I also like to ask other people to sit down). I know one simple sentence - 'Papa baobao!'. And I am still recognizing all babies as 'didi'. Oh, another interesting word I learned is 'ha-ty'. Origin: My block has a talking lift, and as we live on the 2x storey, I hear the voice in the lift go 'storey twenty-???' every evening. However, I can't pronounce 'twen' so I say 'ha-ty' instead. Now whenever I go into a lift I will say 'ha-ty!'

2) Other verbal skills - I can finally say 'ng-ng'. But I still recognize both bodily functions as 'ng-ng' and I tend to tell Mummy only after I actually carry out the *ahem* task. It is only when Mummy asks me "Is it ng-ng or shee-shee?" Then I will differentiate and tell her very sweetly 'shee-shee!' This usually happens after she opens my diaper and discovers that there is no uh, visible output.
3) Temper tantrums - I'm in my terrible twos stage already. I don't like it when things don't go my way, so I kick and scream and rake up a big fuss all round. And I can go at it for 5-15 minutes. The other day Mummy got so tired of it that she took out her handphone and started videoing my tantrum. (You can ask Mummy to show you the video when you see her, she'll be more than happy to do so) She says she is going to show me this video when I'm older, as proof of the brat that I was/am. Humph.
4) School-going Claire: After 1 month of schooling I can do (or at least I try doing) some of the zoophonics actions! Mummy is actually very excited about that, so excited that she goes at me with "Ally alligator???" every five minutes *rolls eyes* I do only a few, and not very accurately, but to Mummy it's good enough.
*Progress - as at Aug 08 - Ally alligator comes with action AND sound! *proud Clairemummy*
However, one worrying development is that I've started hitting and pushing my classmates in school, despite being repeatedly told that I'm not supposed to do that. Mummy can't figure out where I might have learned to do that, but she hopes I stop it soon.
5)Physical development - 9.1kg!!! Yeah, Mummy knows it's kinda pathetic, only way she can explain it is that I've inherited her skinny genes *YES - wipes sweat off brow*. But not to worry folks - my parents brought me to my PD Dr Terence Tan for a check-up recently and he says my weight is perfectly normal and acceptable, and I'm as healthy as can be.
6) I can kinda (FINALLY) differentiate between walking and running (which to me at the moment is still walking very fast, but don't worry, I'm getting there!)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

i love the DHL Balloon!!!

Before today Mummy and Papa always wondered what was the big deal about this funny balloon in the middle of nowhere. Well, today we all found out why. It is a very big deal because it is so FUN. Mummy says it's a great and unique experience and Papa says that it is better than the Singapore Flyer. Me? Well, Mummy was petrified that I'd get blown away by the wind - and she freaked out whenever I stretched my hand out of the balloon. But it was certainly very strange why all the things looked so small from up there. I will probably understand when I'm older. But Mummy is sure that i had fun on the balloon because I kept looking at it and later even when we were at another building watching the NDP rehearsal fireworks I was more preoccupied by the balloon, which we could still see, rather than the fireworks.

Papa says the balloon will be saying byebye in September. I'm very sad, I don't understand why such a great attraction has to say byebye. I hope they find a good home for it because we would definitely go visit again!

Mummy and me on the balloon

Oooo... why is everything so small???