Saturday, July 12, 2008

i love the DHL Balloon!!!

Before today Mummy and Papa always wondered what was the big deal about this funny balloon in the middle of nowhere. Well, today we all found out why. It is a very big deal because it is so FUN. Mummy says it's a great and unique experience and Papa says that it is better than the Singapore Flyer. Me? Well, Mummy was petrified that I'd get blown away by the wind - and she freaked out whenever I stretched my hand out of the balloon. But it was certainly very strange why all the things looked so small from up there. I will probably understand when I'm older. But Mummy is sure that i had fun on the balloon because I kept looking at it and later even when we were at another building watching the NDP rehearsal fireworks I was more preoccupied by the balloon, which we could still see, rather than the fireworks.

Papa says the balloon will be saying byebye in September. I'm very sad, I don't understand why such a great attraction has to say byebye. I hope they find a good home for it because we would definitely go visit again!

Mummy and me on the balloon

Oooo... why is everything so small???


. brenda . said...

Nice! details pls ;)

Claire said...

What kind of details? Heeheehee. Ride is about 10min long in total (including trip up and down). Rather exciting as it feels very 'live' - the balloon will actually move along together with the wind. And we were told to spread out around the balloon at all times because it's not very healthy for the balloon if we all crowded to one side. LOL. But I was really worried Claire kena blown by wind. And if you see the pic carefully, there is a big gap between the netting and the bottom railing... big enough for our tods to erm.... *touch wood*

. brenda . said...

oooh only 10mins ah? :P how much did it cost u? what time is the ride or it's tailored to individual's request?