Friday, July 27, 2007

Daddy's Little Princess

This post is dedicated to my joker of a Daddy (hey Daddy, this is a compliment, ok??!!). My Daddy also enjoys taking strange pictures of me, or with me also. One of those rare moments.

Daddy trying to be funny and imitating my blur expression. Look like me meh? That's what he thinks la.

Daddy: This is Claire's surprised expression. Oooh!

Claire: *Ahbish* (see my fist from behind? Fed up already la. hahahaha)

Officially Half A Year Old

Hello world! I celebrated my half-year birthday by developing an allergic reaction to egg yolks and gave Mummy and Daddy the shock of their lives, but luckily I am none the worse for it now (in fact Mummy and Daddy secretly think that my skin suddenly looks nicer for some unfathomable reason). I was quite grumpy for a couple of days now, but rest assured that I am now back to my usual cheerful self. Yay!

Some time before I descended upon the world to terrorize Mummy and Daddy, Mummy bought me this adorable dino suit which you see in Mummy's montage below. She intended to let me wear it when I start crawling because she says it'd be such a cute sight *rolls eyes*. But haha, I still have not mastered crawling, and Mummy can't wait anymore, so she decided to just pretend that I can crawl and let me take pictures in the suit *rolls eyes even more*. (Oh, by the way, Mummy, I'd just like to tell you that.... six months on, your montage skills are still at the same level!!!! Why is that so??? *points finger and sniggers*)

Tell me I look cute, because Mummy (and I) will not accept any other comment. We live in a happy self-created world of denial. hiaks hiaks hiaks.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Wo shi CUTE de lor

I went for a visit to Auntie Brenda's last week, where I met my chio-bu cousin Arianne jiejie. Auntie Brenda took some lovely pictures of me (nicer than the ones Mummy and Daddy took lor). Mummy, you must learn some of Auntie Brenda's photography skills ok? Anyway, these are Auntie Brenda's efforts...

Hmmm, yes? You want me to smile?

Aiyah.... trying to act innocent

Ok la... Hint of a smile... Wo shi CUTE de lor!

Ooo... artwork.... kekekekekke... Mummy how come you dunnoe how to do things like this? Must learn ok!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

While Mummy was at work....

See what my silly Ah Gu (my uncle aka Mummy's brother) made me do while Mummy was at work today. Mummy wonders why she can never take such funny pictures of me (erm, Mummy, maybe that's because you have NO imagination??) These are the stuff that my babyhood is made of. Heh heh heh.

Hello, waiting to get my autograph?

Hmmm, I seem to recall that I'm a doggie, not a seal, but oh well...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Mummy's Girl

Mummy got a pleasant surprise today. Ok, you see, there has always been a hot debate over who I resemble. Well, it's true that when I was born I was the splitting image of Daddy, but since then, I have somehow morphed into unknown person (hahahaha).

So today when Mummy was on childcare leave, she dug out her baby photo album to have a look, and she was so jubilant after that (Mummy: "Of course I am, Claire. I have always hoped to have a Mini-me if I couldn't have a Mini Cooper, and now I do!" Claire: *rolls eyes*)

Check out the results of Mummy's research!

Hey, that's me, not Mummy! Or is it Mummy? *blur*

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mummy's night out

Mummy is going to attend her friend's wedding dinner tonight and leaving me home alone with Daddy. But Daddy has placed a STOP order on Grandma so that he will not be totally helpless if the need arises, kekekekekekeke.... Mummy also couldn't bear to leave me at home but she says we must learn to live without each other sometimes too... (actually, Mummy probably misses me more than I miss her, hahahahhaha) Mummy has reassured me that she'll be back later tonight and that she has left a bottle of my special milk in the fridge. Hopefully Daddy will know how to heat it up. I'm a little nervous.... Mummy, come home soon!!!!

Mummy: Claire, look at the camera and smile! We haven't taken a nice picture together yet!

Claire: Huh? Camera? What's that? Is that the funny thing that's blocking Daddy's face??

Mummy: *grrrr*

My new toy toy

Hello everyone! Recently Mummy bought me 2 beach balls. I took a bit of time to figure out how I'm supposed to play with it, but hey, everyone needs some time to learn, right? Daddy wonders if I can be the next Mia Hamm or something, but for now I'm just happy heading it or chasing it around on Mummy and Daddy's bed. Fun!

Here ballie ballie ballie....

Hmmm.... let's see what it can do....