Friday, July 27, 2007

Officially Half A Year Old

Hello world! I celebrated my half-year birthday by developing an allergic reaction to egg yolks and gave Mummy and Daddy the shock of their lives, but luckily I am none the worse for it now (in fact Mummy and Daddy secretly think that my skin suddenly looks nicer for some unfathomable reason). I was quite grumpy for a couple of days now, but rest assured that I am now back to my usual cheerful self. Yay!

Some time before I descended upon the world to terrorize Mummy and Daddy, Mummy bought me this adorable dino suit which you see in Mummy's montage below. She intended to let me wear it when I start crawling because she says it'd be such a cute sight *rolls eyes*. But haha, I still have not mastered crawling, and Mummy can't wait anymore, so she decided to just pretend that I can crawl and let me take pictures in the suit *rolls eyes even more*. (Oh, by the way, Mummy, I'd just like to tell you that.... six months on, your montage skills are still at the same level!!!! Why is that so??? *points finger and sniggers*)

Tell me I look cute, because Mummy (and I) will not accept any other comment. We live in a happy self-created world of denial. hiaks hiaks hiaks.

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