Friday, July 20, 2007

Wo shi CUTE de lor

I went for a visit to Auntie Brenda's last week, where I met my chio-bu cousin Arianne jiejie. Auntie Brenda took some lovely pictures of me (nicer than the ones Mummy and Daddy took lor). Mummy, you must learn some of Auntie Brenda's photography skills ok? Anyway, these are Auntie Brenda's efforts...

Hmmm, yes? You want me to smile?

Aiyah.... trying to act innocent

Ok la... Hint of a smile... Wo shi CUTE de lor!

Ooo... artwork.... kekekekekke... Mummy how come you dunnoe how to do things like this? Must learn ok!!!!

1 comment:

. brenda . said...

Heehee.. *blushing* glad u Hengs like them!