Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm Walking

Oh yes, I'm walking *nod nod*. As of 24 March 2008 evening time, I finally gathered up enough courage to walk on my own, and the timing is something Mummy is very happy about because she kept moaning about her feeling that I would start walking while she was away, but instead I waited patiently till she came back. *pats self on back* Mummy says I am exceedingly lazy about it though, I still prefer crawling as my main mode of travelling from one location to another. Another funny development is, I think at least 6 months too late, I'm beginning to enjoy cruising. Oh well, better late than never right??!!

I also had the opportunity to be the BIG KID in Miss Shauna's class last Tuesday and Sunday. I got to crawl around picking up various things after the rest are done with them, and helping Miss Shauna put them back in the basket. *another little pat on back* Mummy says I've become Miss Shauna's shadow as I like to follow her around in an attempt to grab her attention. And I succeeded because I got to sit on Miss Shauna's lap for the goodbye song on Sunday. *grinz*

Ok, I know, I know, WHERE ARE THE PICTURES??!! Well, Mummy has taken very little pictures of me the past few weeks because.... erm, I guess it's laziness??!! And also I move so fast that it's difficult to take nice pictures of me. And the few pictures that she HAD managed, she hasn't gotten round to uploading them yet. *rolls eyes* But stay tuned, because I'm finally going for my Foto-U photoshoot this weekend (many thanks to my mummy's Crescent family who bought me this package for my birthday!)

In the meantime, my other little achievements the past week:

1) I can now say nai nai when I want to drink milk.

2) I can nod now!!! *nod nod nod* But I still prefer shaking my head. Mummy says it's good because we should always learn how to say no rather than yes *hiaks hiaks*

3) I can follow a bit of instructions at Kindermusik class now. Mummy noticed that I will try for at least one second when Miss Shauna asks us to do something.

4) I love hugging dolls. Oh yes, they are the only things I'm affectionate towards. I have told Mummy that I want a Baby Alive doll. Much to Mummy's surprise, I was very amused by the Wet and Wriggles doll when it started kicking, rather than scared by it. So Mummy says she'll get me one if I remain on reasonably good behaviour.

5) I can cook! Mummy bought me a small masak masak set and now I love to cook and feed whoever is around, complete with the sound effects - "Ah... UM!" I like to share my real food too. It's extremely funny to see Mummy and Papa with their mouths open wide in anticipation. It's even more fun to watch their expressions when I put the food back inside my own mouth. hahahahahahha

Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's the little things.... (Mummy's thoughts)

In the blink of an eye, Claire is going to be 14 months old soon! She is developing so fast at the moment that I find it hard to catch up. Sometimes I just lie back and marvel at the things Claire is doing - it's really a blessing to be able to be by your little one's side, watching her grow up bit by bit.

From 20 - 23 March, I will be leaving her for the first time - short trip to HK with Clairepapa. I have already announced to Clairepapa that I will be buying Disneyland back for Claire, and I have also plotted out my itenerary to include all the baby clothing shops. Wakakakakakkakakakakakakaka.... I have been preparing her for the short time I will be away from her for the past week, and I think this weekend she finally realised it and has been sticky as glue as a result. This morning she even started crying as I left the house to go to work. Although it's distressing to see her miserable, at the same time, as every mother would understand, I can't help but feel a little comforted and happy at the proof that my presence does matter to her.

Little stuff that she's learnt to do over the past week that amazed me:

Talking - She's properly learned mum-mum, mama, papa, see?! (this is so cute, she will hold out something to you and say, "see?". She also knows the Chinese version - "Ni kan!"), this is (another action-accompanied phrase - she will point and ask "this is?"), no more (complete with the hand action again). On and off she's been saying a lot of other stuff. Sometimes when she's in the mood she'll repeat after you when you teach her, like the day she held up a book and we told her "shu" (mandarin for book) and she repeated it perfectly. Then there was that time when she was chattering to us in the lift and we caught: "zha zha zha zha SOMETHING.. zha zha zha zha". I find it quite strange that she seems to revel in saying words or phrases with double syllables.
When she's in the mood, she chatters the house down (I can't find any other word to fit what she says, she really just chatters). Anther strange phenomenon is that she appears to have a Beijingnese accent. Beats me why.

Communication - She can point more decisively now, and when you understand what she wants, she will bounce up and down very excitedly. Sometimes she will even clap her hands. When she doesn't want something, she will shake her head vigorously. She also takes more notice of other babies during class now.
She's also grown very adept recently, at showing her displeasure when something is denied to her. She stares at the person who has unwittingly offended her, and when no notice is taken of her, her mouth slowly crumples and she breaks out in an angry fit of crying.
Oh, and she's learnt how to demand for attention. Sometimes when Clairepapa and I are chatting, she will shout, "Eh, eh, EH!" until I turn my attention towards her.

Hobbies - Reading. Thankfully she's developed a love of books. I've bought her a set of mini lift-the-flap Dr Seuss, which she loves opening. When she first had the books, she'd chuckle everytime she lifts up the flap to find a new picture underneath. At times she will have story-telling sessions, where she holds up the book and starts reading very seriously. I'll try to get a video of her doing it one day. So far though she only likes Dr Seuss. Other books don't interest her half as much. I think she enjoys the rhythmatical verses.

Other achievements -
1) On Saturday morning, I was playing peekaboo with her in the bath. I put the towel down, saying, "PeekaBOO!" And she chuckled and replied, "I SEE YOU!" Wah, I almost fell backwards in my surprise.
2) Sunday morning - Claire climbs over to my bed and pats me on the shoulder. I lifted an eyelid and mumbled hi to her, went back to sleep. The next thing I knew, she patted me on the shoulder again, climbed up to the headboard, retrieved my glasses and gave them to me, indicating that she wanted me to wake up. Could not describe that sweet sweet feeling I had inside, when I realised that her train of thought and her observation powers are so well-developed already that she not only knows my glasses are the first thing I retrieve when I get up, she knows where I put them too!
3) I've been complaining that for a breastfed baby, Claire doesn't seem to look for the breast very much. Most breastfed babies I know are terribly attached to their mummies, but Claire is an angel, she has never done mini embarassments like tugging at my shirt trying to pull it off, or pointing at my boobs frantically. Well, maybe I spoke too soon, or maybe it's because she's realised she's going to have to do without them for a few days, but this weekend she's learned how to demand for her breakfast and supper. She even attempts to help me unbutton my PJs! LOL.
4) Playing with dolls? I have the feeling that that'll be the next step. For the past few bathtimes, she's been grabbing her finger toothbrush and her shampoo bottle, and attempting to brush the teeth of the girl on the bottle. Funny things they learn, huh?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Functions are loads and loads of fun

Hello world, wonder what I've been up to since my last update? Well, first of all, Papa and Mummy bought a new camera! YEA! So here I am again. *waves* As you can see, my hair has grown a lot thicker again, but where's the length man???!! Mummy is still waiting for the day she can put all those Gymboree clips into action, LOL.

But anyway, 8 March 2008 was Uncle Samuel and Auntie Esther's wedding (congratulations, folks!!!) and we attended both the church wedding in the morning and the dinner in the evening. It was an extremely well-planned and beautiful wedding. I only wish I could have attended Mummy and Papa's (Mummy has explained to me countless times why I couldn't have, but I just don't get it...)

Morning - 10.15am
We arrived on the dot at Calvary Pandan Presbyterian Church. Nice and big and Mummy tells Papa that if we need to attend church we gotta attend this one coz the pews are cushioned *rolls eyes*. Yes, Mummy has her bimbo moments. We sat right next to the door in case we needed to make a quick exit, but I was good as gold and quite content to play with the old aunties sitting behind us.

Taking a nice family portrait while waiting for the bride.

Still waiting for the bride... so Papa and I started fooling around with the camera (LOL).

7pm - Again, we arrived on the dot at Ritz Carlton. Food was surprisingly good and I got to eat some too! Service - excellent. I also enjoyed evoking "awww, soooo cute!!!" sighs from the next table by insisting on practising my walking skills with Mummy's help. Auntie Sabby,Mummy and me!!!

Enjoying my biscuits while my parents tucked into their sumptious dinner. And check out my new buggy durabib - no more messes!!! (at least that works in theory la)