Saturday, March 8, 2008

Functions are loads and loads of fun

Hello world, wonder what I've been up to since my last update? Well, first of all, Papa and Mummy bought a new camera! YEA! So here I am again. *waves* As you can see, my hair has grown a lot thicker again, but where's the length man???!! Mummy is still waiting for the day she can put all those Gymboree clips into action, LOL.

But anyway, 8 March 2008 was Uncle Samuel and Auntie Esther's wedding (congratulations, folks!!!) and we attended both the church wedding in the morning and the dinner in the evening. It was an extremely well-planned and beautiful wedding. I only wish I could have attended Mummy and Papa's (Mummy has explained to me countless times why I couldn't have, but I just don't get it...)

Morning - 10.15am
We arrived on the dot at Calvary Pandan Presbyterian Church. Nice and big and Mummy tells Papa that if we need to attend church we gotta attend this one coz the pews are cushioned *rolls eyes*. Yes, Mummy has her bimbo moments. We sat right next to the door in case we needed to make a quick exit, but I was good as gold and quite content to play with the old aunties sitting behind us.

Taking a nice family portrait while waiting for the bride.

Still waiting for the bride... so Papa and I started fooling around with the camera (LOL).

7pm - Again, we arrived on the dot at Ritz Carlton. Food was surprisingly good and I got to eat some too! Service - excellent. I also enjoyed evoking "awww, soooo cute!!!" sighs from the next table by insisting on practising my walking skills with Mummy's help. Auntie Sabby,Mummy and me!!!

Enjoying my biscuits while my parents tucked into their sumptious dinner. And check out my new buggy durabib - no more messes!!! (at least that works in theory la)

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