Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Birthday Treats - Visit to Qian Hu Fish Farm

22 January 2008 - Why, Mummy had been racking her brain for MONTHS on how to spend this day with me. She briefly toyed with the idea of shaking me awake at 3.30am in the morning and hollering in my face - WELCOME TO THE WORLD!!!! (See, she wants to pay me back for THAT sleepless night exactly 1 year ago).
Then she decided that instead of being so cruel, she should just wake Papa up at 3.30am, and then the 2 of them can gaze at me in wonder. But that idea also came to naught aas Papa had to work the next morning, and would not be too amused at being shaken awake for some "frivolous" activity as this would undoubtedly be termed.
In the end, Mummy decided not to interrupt her beauty sleep either, and so she just snored through that historical moment when I descended upon the world, exactly one year ago.

Originally, Mummy told Granny that she wanted to bring me to the zoo to introduce me to all the animals. However, Granny was worried that, being the scaredy cat I've become recently, I would be scared rather than amused at those big big creatures. In the end, she convinced Mummy that Qian Hu Fish Farm would be a much better choice as colourful fish shut away in their tanks would serve the following purposes:
1) I would be able to observe them at a much closer range that I would the lion in its enclosure, for example.
2) They are much more attractive to me than the boring brown/grey/black/green animals at the zoo (that is, if I even see the animals)
3) More hygenic and less smelly than the zoo
4) The Fish Farm being a much smaller place,would be easier ground to cover.
5) (I think this is the most important reason) Granny and Mummy can satisfy their curiosity about the Fish Spa at last.

Me next to my new crab friends. They are quite cute, as long as they don't come near me.

Looking at the tortoises (terrapins??) in their pond, at the Farm's Eco Garden.

I got to feed the koi too! (Though at first I thought it was food for me, but that's another story..)

Mummy('s feet) enjoying herself at the fish spa. But of course as usual she screamed and giggled and wriggled away 20min of the spa, before finally settling down to put the spa to good use.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Claire is ONE!!! (Part 2)

Ah.... while I'm fast asleep, Mummy finally found some time to finish uploading my birthday party photos. Heeheehee. Take a look at more snippets which made my day...

My birthday dress! Cost Mummy a bomb, but she thinks it's worth it because it's my special day. Oh, and I rewarded her for her efforts by plucking the big flower out from the pin within the first 10 minutes. Luckily Granny found a while to salvage the situation.

Hi folks, come on in (as long as you tell me my dress is nice. hahaha)

But but.... I dun wanna kiss Cousin Arianne!!! *face crumples* (Mummy's note: I dunno why she had such a miserable expression on her face, but it's priceless, isn't it??!!)

Scrumptious buffet spread from Kim's Kitchen... Mummy and Papa made the right choice! (Papa spent days mulling over the menu. Good work Papa!)

Birthday cake from Pine Garden. Top tier - triple chocolate. Bottom tier - lychee martini. But neither of which I ate. :( Mummy and Papa spent over 50 minutes standing in Pine Garden deciding exactly which design to get for me. (Papa almost killed Mummy there and then)

My cake with the big "1" candle. Gorgeous huh???!!!

Happy birthday to me!!!

Sweet moment from the princess of the day.

Goodbye! Thanks for coming! (And the pressies too!!!)

KO.... Entertaining for a whole evening ain't exactly easy to do! But Mummy and Papa told me that I was a very good girl that night and didn't fuss much. But of course - I'm a little princess after all!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Claire is ONE!!!! (Part 1)

My birthday party is over! I had a great time, and so did Mummy and Papa. Thank you all the nice aunties and uncles, and cuzzies, who came over to celebrate my special day with me! Here are some pics to share, courtesy of my ah Peh, the official photographer of the day. In this first batch, let me share with you the pains my family went to in order to decorate our place:

This swirling decoration had everyone asking Mummy where she got this, so Mummy considers it money well spent (though it's not that expensive to begin with la).

My personalized banner strategically placed at the lift lobby, to inform my guests that they have reached the correct place. :) I LOVES it!!!

The odd trio greeting guests at the door. Mummy and Papa got Doraemon and Bloody Pooh in Bangkok coz they thought they were cute, but apparently no one else appreciates them. :( Luckily though I do show signs of being as quirky as my parents.

Banner in the house for cake cutting pictures.

And the most important "decoration" piece - ME! Waiting to be giftwrapped and then passed around.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


My birthday party is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope to see all the nice aunties and uncles, and of course my wonderful friends and cuzzies. Mummy and Papa have been working frantically to get things ready this week.

1. Cake - booked and to be delivered. (P.S. I hope it's nice!)
2. Buffet - ordered. Hopefully lives up to expectations in both quality and quantity.
3. Party bags - half ready. Half, because Mummy thinks there's going to be more kids than she estimated. So she wants to prepare more bags, just to be kiasu. hahahaha...
4. Venue - our humble abode.
5. Invitations and RSVPs - Yes, all done!
6. Decorations - bought but not put up yet.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I am ONE!!! (according to the lunar calendar, that is)

Today is my lunar birthday!!! Mummy has been so busy and stressed out at work, she nearly forgot about it. It was only when she and Papa were returning home after ordering my birthday cake today, did she suddenly remember that my lunar birthday must be drawing near. "I think it's today leh," remarked my Papa.

Mummy ran all the way from downstairs to Granny's flat and asked Granny, who CONFIRMED the date. I was supposed to get to eat mee sua with sweet egg, but, remember my egg misadventure months ago? Mummy didn't dare to risk it at night, so she asked Granny to cook some plain mee sua for me, and then we gobbled it up together. I LIKES IT! heeheehee
Can't wait for my actual birthday (and party!!!) coming up in a week's time...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Wishlist 2

Ok, this is part 2 of my wishlist. Counting down to my birthday party on 19 Jan 08 liao... mummy says it is next Saturday, which means it is FAST APPROACHING. Mummy and Papa have been running around pulling their hairs out preparing for my party. heeheehee

1. Leapfrog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set (Mummy is very keen on this!!! - spotted in OG Chinatown)
2. Leapfrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Set
3. Leapfrog Fridge Phonics Lowercase Expansion Pack

4. Leapfrog Word Whammer Fridge Phonics Set (Mummy is very very very very keen on this! Seen in OG Chinatown) 5. No picture. Leapfrog Phonics Bus.

Er.... looks like Mummy always ends up getting very similar stuff for my wishlist hor. heeheehee.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Inspector Clairester

My lovely twin sista meimei Carys inspected her family's new car sometime ago. Me? Well, my occupation is to inspect Mummy's bags to see what goodies she has in them.

This is my Mummy's new toy - the Coach wristlet which she got direct from the US with a friend's help. At last check it was still not available in Singapore, so Mummy still feels pretty smug about it.

Ready or not, here I come... let's see what's inside.

Oh, something interesting discovered!

Hmmm.... looks in order....

Ok Mummy, looks good! Here's your bag back!