Friday, January 11, 2008

I am ONE!!! (according to the lunar calendar, that is)

Today is my lunar birthday!!! Mummy has been so busy and stressed out at work, she nearly forgot about it. It was only when she and Papa were returning home after ordering my birthday cake today, did she suddenly remember that my lunar birthday must be drawing near. "I think it's today leh," remarked my Papa.

Mummy ran all the way from downstairs to Granny's flat and asked Granny, who CONFIRMED the date. I was supposed to get to eat mee sua with sweet egg, but, remember my egg misadventure months ago? Mummy didn't dare to risk it at night, so she asked Granny to cook some plain mee sua for me, and then we gobbled it up together. I LIKES IT! heeheehee
Can't wait for my actual birthday (and party!!!) coming up in a week's time...

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