Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm in a good mood today!!!!

Mummy's very happy that she finally managed a series of "Smiling Claire" photos. So she collected them and made them into a montage! Ain't I cute!

Da Wu Jian Xiao Wu...

Daddy and Mummy finally found time to get the GIANT bouncer everyone insists I would enjoy... Now I sit in my small but bouncy and entertaining FP bouncer during the evenings, and in the daytime on weekends I will go on the GIANT bouncer....

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mummy and I

Finally, Daddy captured a nice picture of both Mummy and I smiling the other day! This was just after my 6-in-1 jab on Sunday (story which I shall share another time!).

Claire and Friends

Yea, these are photos of me and my first friends! Mummy was so happy when I started taking an interest in my mobiles (finally!) about three weeks back!

My best friend Ookie and I out for a shopping trip... we never leave home without each other.

Playing "Who's the fiercest?" with my friends at granny's place.

Playing with my musical mobile bugsy friends at home... I like them slightly more than my mobile friends at Granny's place because these actually dance along (or should I say float along?) to windup music.

My First CNY takings

Hello world!!!
Mummy hasn't been able to update my blog for me for nearly a month because she says I've been a naughty babe and left her with almost no free time. Oops, my bad! Hahahahahahaha...

Anyway, Daddy took some photos of me and my takings from my first Chinese New Year plus my full month the other day when he and Mummy FINALLY decided to open up all my ang baos and tally up the total!

Look at all my angbaos!!! SO many people love me! YEA!!!!

Hmmm... which one should I open first???

OEI! Why are you taking picture after picture without letting me open my ang baos??!!

My 'zhao cai mao' impersonation...

Daddy's attempt to do a journalistic shot... if you look VERY hard, you can see me smiling away in the background.