Thursday, December 27, 2007

Winning Eleven

Papa finished his exams at long last, so he can finally blow the dust off his PS2 and get back to his beloved Winning Eleven again. Being the curious little puppy I am, of course I had to explore the game as well. I even got my very own game controller so that I can have great battles with my Papa! YES!

Er... which button controls what action huh?

My Wishlist

Recently Mummy has been telling me with tears in her eyes that I'll be a big girl soon and I can't keep throwing my baby tantrums and expecting people to give in to me all the time (i.e. Mummy since she's about the only one who lets me bully her so).

Anyway, I finally gathered that I'm going to turn one very very soon (Mummy says in 1 month's time). And apparently some nice aunties and uncles have started asking Mummy what I would like for my first birthday present *blush* So here's my wishlist of some nice-to-haves. Please consider them when you are shopping for me ok. Oh, and if you do get any of the below for me, please tell my mummy so that she can strike them off my wishlist. kekekekekekekeke

CAUTION: Please do not buy me any Barney stuff because A) Mummy is anti-Barney; and B) I am scared of big dark purple things.

In no particular order, here we go:

1. *Fisherprice Little People A to Z Learning Zoo* (Mummy could not resist and decided to get this for me as her birthday present to me, so as to ensure that I get it. It's really so good, you see. heeheehee)

2. Disney Baby Pooh Activity Ride-on (Mummy couldn't find the pic of the Baby Pooh one on the Toys 'r Us website, so she used the pice below instead. But I like the Pooh one. :))

3. Fisher-price Laugh n Learn Musical Chair4. *Playskool Step Start Walk n Ride* (Another nice auntie is getting this for me!!!!)6. Fisher-Price Laugh n Learn Pots & Pans
7. *Playskool Busy Ball Popper* (one nice auntie bought this for me already!!!)

8. Playskool Busy Ball Choo Choo

9. *Fisherprice Ready Steady Rider* (Another nice auntie got this for me already!!!)

10. Fisherprice Musical Magnetic Easel

10. Any Fisherprice Little People products

11. Fisherprice Folding Kitchen Playset (One nice auntie getting me a Fisherprice kitchen playset!!! YES!!!)

12.Studio package from Funshotz (My mummy's gang is getting me a nice studio package!!! YES!!!)

13. Gymboree E-gift Vouchers because Mummy and I can never get enough of Gymboree clothes

My birthday party invitation will be rolled out very very soon, once Mummy and Papa have finalized the details. So exciting! In the meantime, please keep 19 Jan 08 dinnertime free for me as that is the confirmed date. :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My First Photoshoot

Mummt brought me for a photoshoot at B-scene Studios. Why is there only 1 pic? Er, because Mummy took up the package offer with Heinz which offers only 1 pic, and she says the pics are too expensive for her to buy another pic, though she really liked about 10 of them. :(

I enjoyed my photoshoot a lot. Now I'm thinking seriously about becoming a model. My papa is also seriously considering sending me to a modelling agency, ever since he read that Sunday Lifestyle report about how much child models can earn. *rolls eyes*

Anyone wants to buy me a studio package for my birthday? Heeheehee

Sweet, happy and innocent little angel

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Today Mummy is invading my space to complete her tag by Auntie Brenda.

I've been tagged by my cousin-in-law, her name is Brenda. Initially I didn't talk to Brenda much when I first knew hubby as we did not see her very often, but then we popped within months of each other, I'm in more regular contact with her (or maybe with her blog... hey, I'm a fan, ok!). Guess now we have much more in common. I'm always very inspired when I read about the wonderful dishes that Brenda and Tona cook for their babes. I try my best when I have the time.

5 Things I'm tagged for:

A. Found in my Room

: 20-inch LCD panel TV. Wow, when we first got this, it seemed so classy and luxurious. We specially built a hole in the wall to accomodate this... and guess what? Now we can get a 37-inch LCD panel for less than what we paid for this! Grrr... but still it has served us well so far. :)

: Mini wall-display of collage of wedding photos in b&w. This was Ah Heng's wedding gift to me. It was inspired by what we saw at our bridal studio. He spent days picking the photos to display and then deciding which photo goes where, then buying, sawing and spraying the wooden frame. kekekekekeke

: Queen-sized bed. At the time (and for the limited bedroom space we have) we thought this was sufficient. But now with Claire around I wish we'd gotten a king-sized bed instead.

: Claire's cot. This was a hand-me-down from my closest cousin. My nephew and niece used this before her. It's in great condition, considering that it's nearly 10 years old. Hope it'll last Claire till she's 2 at least. It's parked right next to my side of the bed, so that I can reach her within seconds when she needs me at night.

: Claire's toy box (Disney pop-up toy storage bin). It's an idea from my mom. Great economical way of keeping her toys out of the way, and it's light and portable too.

B. I have always wanted to in France. Erm, kinda out of the question now, but hey, I have Claire, and that's enough. :) round the world. Erm, maybe when I retire???

..Be a mother. Yup, achieved. heehee.

..Go back to school. Shelved for the present, but we'll get talking again in 2-3 years' time. I definitely wanna go back for my Master's sometime in the future.

..Become trilingual. Target? Need you ask? French of course! But again, shelved for the present.

C. Found in my Bag(Er, can I use my work bag? I don't have other bags to speak of if you're not talking about diaper bags. LOL)

: My trusty BeMine, which I happen to be using as a wallet at present - so much more convenient.

: My BeQuick, which also contains my actual wallet, my thumb drive, and card holder (for the cards which can't fit into my wallet)

: Gymboree invoices - from the last round of Gym I ordered for my kakis back in Oct. What's it still doing in my bag? Er, I seldom pack my bag, so.... *face red red*

: My IB token - gosh, I cannot do without this. Without my IB token, there would be no Sherl - official spree/BP queen (or rather, queen-in-waiting, as I think Dawn and Sharon still win if we were to go into competition. *SCRAM*)

: Makeup pouch - self-explanatory. I don't put on makeup when I'm at home (before going to work) coz 1) I have no time; and 2) I'm worried that Claire will be sensitive to it, since I have to carry her around.

D. Found in my Wallet(er... using my BeMine for this since it effectively functions as my wallet)

: Cash - adequate, for once.

: POSB Atm Card and 2 credit cards - UOB ladies and Robinsons Visa.

: ID Card (for when I wanna drop by the library)

: Car key - I get the car both last week and this week as hubby is indisposed at the moment. kekekekekeke. I am also the designated weekend driver as I love driving and hubby hates it.

: Handphone - yeah man, my handphone fits in here!!!

E. I am currently into

..looking for good nutritious food/recipes for Claire. I believe good feeding habits are key to a lot of stuff in future, and I wanna give Claire the right and best start!

..reading baby blogs. There's something very special about a baby blog - it's really heartwarming to see babies grow up day by day, and when you know them in real life, it makes it even sweeter. shopping. I am a HUGE Gymboree fan, GAP to a lesser extent. Oh, and I love vintage stuff too. And then there's my favourite JJB for myself. HELPPPPPPPP!!!!!!

..reading about baby's development, both intellectual and physical. And I'm trying hard not to be pressured into doing stuff like Shichida, for eg. It's really tough in a competitive society like Singapore's.

..researching on birthday cakes for Claire's upcoming birthday party. Initially decided on Prima Deli, but then... oh well. On with the next one! Do leave me a message if you know anywhere that produces good and also nice-looking cakes. :)

5 Candidates to Tag (all great moms!) :


Dim Sum Dolly

Mummy did this collage of me the other day. I'm very thrilled with my walker actually, I like to hold it for support while standing, but I don't really dare to push it as it actually moves and my feet still can't catch up with it! Don't I look like I'm pushing a dim sum cart along? Yes, sir? What do you want? har gow? Siew mai? Fun cheong?

P/S: From my mummy - Oh dear, Claire is growing growing growing... My little baby is going to be 1 soon... such a heartwarming but yet bittersweet feeling. Still remember the days when she'll be rumbling in my tummy...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This is the way I brush my teeth

Mummy spent month after month worrying as I retained my toothless grin for 8 whole months... and then suddenly, at the end of September, there they were - my first two teeth! And the next two sprouted within the next month! And now, there's another on the way, next to my top left middle tooth!

Now i sport a toothy grin. =)

Yeps, I have a grand total of 5 teeth now, and I love brushing my teeth... so much so that after Mummy is done and has put the toothbrush down, I pick it up and put it right back in my mouth again. YEA!

Oops! *shy*

Hmmm.. don't bother me... future dentist at work. And my most important task is to take good care of my own teeth!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Recalling the botak days....

Mummy's feeling nostalgic... so she went digging through the folders for old pictures of me and decided to do a comparison. Betcha've forgotten I was as bald as a monk once eh? After my haircut (*sob*) at the full month, my hair hardly grew, till Granny shaved my head again at 4 months. At that time Mummy was hysterical when she noticed that I suddenly had NO hair again, but it all turned out for the best. Now I'm so proud of my hair *beams* Ok, anyway, a short trip down memory lane:

1st March 2007

Totally hairless Claire (notice the absence of eyebrows? LOL.) looking as boyish as can be, with the HELLO WORLD! expression
13 October 2007

Hairful Claire (notice even the eyebrows are back, much to Mummy's relief?) with the same boyish and HELLO WORLD! expression (some things never change)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Visiting Isaiah Baby

Mummy and I went out gallivanting again... Woo hoo!!! Last Friday Mummy started driving again, and of course Daddy was only too happy to let Mummy drive since he HATES driving... as a result Mummy now gets to bring me out while Daddy slogs it out at NUS (good luck for your exams Pa!). So far I've tried to be good and let Mummy concentrate on her driving, LOL. Anyway, we just paid a visit to Isaiah baby all by ourselves. Yea!

Isaiah has GROWN since we last saw him. I think we are almost the same size now. And he has sooooo many cute toys for me to explore! I was particularly fascinated with this funny bear which can talk. hmmm... Daddy, Christmas present? LOL. Oh, and his grandparents thought I was cute too (hey, so are you two! kekekekekeke)....

Isaiah and I exploring another of his new toys. We managed to tear part of the plastic packaging off! But too bad, batteries have died, so we couldn't play with it...

Zonked out after playing....

Zzzz Monster hits Claire-monster and Isaiah-monster

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I love Kindermusik

I started class at Kindermusik on 23 Sep... My mummy and Auntie Serene cajoled and advertised and finally managed to get enough babies to form a class! Yay!

Daddy says Mummy enjoys the class more than me (which Mummy says is probably true) but the key thing is that Mummy feels I will benefit through the class and she really enjoys having this 45min 'alone' playtime with me every week. Though she sometimes grumbles about how she has to carry me and dance all over the place, I know secretly she loves doing it and won't give up the task to anyone else. heehee.

And have I benefitted from the class? Well, Mummy feels I have learnt to enjoy music much much more and she's convinced that seeing all my kakis crawling around during class spurred me on to crawl three weeks after class first started. Maybe, because I hate being left behind! It was quite boring to sit and watch everyone crawling around, so I decided to join in the fun!

Verdict: We likes it! We wants more! So we have signed up for another semester! YES!

Dear everyone, let me introduce you to the place where I have been spending all my Sunday mornings: Kindermusik @ Tanglin Mall!

3 blur babies waiting for class to start.

Mummy and me enjoying our Kindermusik session. In the past 7 weeks, I have learnt how to - clap my hands, wave, crawl... and I've also discovered that drums are my best friend! Mummy is still waiting for me to develop a sense of rhythm, unfortunately. Aiya Mummy, patience, patience!

So come and join me! It'll be fun! See you there! Bye!

About Diaper Bags and All....

After months of experimenting and dating several brands of diaper bags, Mummy has finally decided to settle down with what she considers THE ultimate diaper bag brand - JUJUBE. Not without protests from Daddy of course - who still grumbles whenever he sees THE bag. But Mummy's in love and hey, so am I! I love the colours, and I think it makes my Mummy look sooooo fashionable. Hahaha!

Me and Mummy's BeSmall and BeQuick. After this pic was taken, my Mummy also added the BeMine to her collection. I like that one too.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Of Odds and Ends

Hi folks! Wondering what I've been doing?

Well, unfortunately our modem at home has crashed, so Mummy has not been able to update my blog for me at home for the past 2 weeks. Secondly, Mummy has also been tied up at work, so she's got no time to upload photos at work either.

In the meantime, I've been busy terrorizing everyone by crawling (yes, I can finally crawl forward!) and this week I've started first coming to a sitting position from a lying down position, then pulling myself up with the help of my bed rail, the cupboard... er, basically everything and anything I can get my hands on.

This week I've also been torturing Mummy by waking up in the middle of the night to climb all over her. She says I'm testing her patience because when I do that (i) it hurts; and (ii) her beauty sleep gets disturbed. But do you really think I care? hahahahahaha... I think on some level she must be secretly amused by my various naughty acts.

OK, now Mummy is off to work again. She says maybe this weekend she'll try out some of Auntie Tona's DELICIOUS recipes on me. Yea!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

This was taken on Mummy's handphone a few weeks ago, and she finally had the time to touch it up and make it into a sort of mini comic. To defend myself, I'm not trying to be difficult, but Mummy can be so SLOW when it comes to fixing up my meals sometimes. It takes effort to be a patient baby, and you know what they say about hungry babies, eh? Naturally, being nice was the last thing on my mind at the time.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Kindermusik Class!!!

In case you have been wondering what I've been up to... Well, I'm now officially a school-going baby, because Mummy has started sending me to Kindermusik for weekly lessons. Mummy says I love parts and parts of it, but to be honest she also thinks she likes it more than me, because she says she's learned many many more ways to interact with me and play with me. Now she always sings me songs from the Feathers CD all the time. We both have our favourites. Even Daddy also sang me a Kindermusik song the other night.

Thanks to CarysDad and CarysMum, Mummy has the following nice nice pictures from Kindermusik to place here. Mummy says this week she wants to make Daddy stay to take photos of us. Alternatively, the naughty method is to sit next to Carys every week so that we can get many many photos taken by CarysDad, who is a GREAT photographer. Kekekekekkekekekeke

Part of my class. Can you spot me??? Oh, and on my left is my *blush* boyfriend, Kimi!

Carys and I. Mummy says Carys is like my twin sister meimei, because we were born on the same day in the same hospital!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Recruit Sim

The time came when I was finally old enough to head off to perform my national service. So one fine day I went off into the great unknown with my silly Ah Gu.

Mummy, I will miss you!!! What's going to happen to me??!! *trembling lips...* BWAAAHHHHH!!!!

Recruit Sim, this is your battle gear. Make sure you don't lose anything.

Hmmm... I think they said this is my new milk bottle from now on. I wonder if it'll contain some of my special milk??

Even baby recruits have to keep up with physical demands! Luckily I'm a strong girl!

101, 102, 103..... This is a breeze man!!!

Today is my bookout day, hurrah, hurrah.... Yay! Mummy, I'm coming home!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

So, who do I look like, again?

Hahahaha... Mummy is so happy to see this result. I think she's obsessed with the idea that I look like her. LOL. It's a fun exercise though.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Of Hats and Hairclips...

Recently, the whole of SMH January Mommies went a little crazy over headgear, my mummy included. So, I ended up being a Gymboree model again. Oh, and Mummy has this thing about doggies... whenever she sees something with a doggie on it, she can't resist and soon, yours truly will have this doggie thing, whatever it is. So don't be surprised when you see me decked out in doggie wear from head to toe - Mummy designed it to be that way!

Sigh. Mummy, are you wearing this correctly for me? How come I look like a baker boy instead huh?

Do I look like I'm trying to smile? Er, actually I'm screaming at Mummy to take this off. Mummy, Auntie Icy, Auntie Mildy and Auntie Melody bought this for all four of us (me, Rachel, Charlene and Shayna) after seeing Ah Des in this (Auntie Dawn is a bad influence! hahahaha)

In addition, the other day, Mummy found this adorable clip while shopping in Raffles Place the other day. She thought my hair might finally be long enough, so she decided to just buy and try. And... TA-DAH! It fits! I think Ah Des and Charlene should look nice in it too. *Mummy grabs Claire and runs to hide under table* Hello world! Mummy says no one could possibly mistake me for a boy now. Hahaha..

All dressed up and ready to go out... If you're wondering why Mummy didn't pose a picture of me looking at the camera, it's because I REFUSED to pose, after having already posed so much earlier on. So in the end Mummy had no choice. Hiaks.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Announcement: I have a tooth!

I've officially cut my first tooth on 2 Sept 2007!!! My center left bottom tooth has finally made its appearance, making my Mummy a little teary coz she realised that I'm growing faster and faster each day.

Oh, and Daddy's just taught Mummy how to download pictures from her handphone to the PC, so now I'll have even more pictures to show you guys here! Yea!

Anyway, when I was around 5 months old, my Ah Gu bought me some Heinz's teething rusks, but due to my allergies, Mummy has delayed letting me try them (they contain wheat flour, you see). Now that I'm 7 1/2 months old, and have a tooth, Mummy thinks I can try a bit. Verdict? I likes it! I likes it! Iiiiiiii LIKES it!

Hmmmm... yum yum. My first teething rusk. Cool!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Fitness Routine

Hello everyone! Here's my contribution to the gym fad - my very own home fitness routine! It all started when Mummy laughed at me for being too fat (boo hoo hoo!!!)... so I decided to do a little exercise to try to slim down. Hopefully I will soon be as slim and chio as my chio chio cousin Arianne jiejie (who by the way turns 1 on Tuesday - happy birthday cousin!) or my chio chio friend Ah Des (who now has her very own blog and her very own cute gorgor - Ah Des, can you give me your gorgor? I want! hahahahaha).... Ok, so now we move on to the topic of the day - a 'live' demo of Claire's fitness routine.

Ready? Ok, first lie tummy down on the bed.

Use your feet to push the ground so that your butt goes skyhigh! Oh, and push the ground with your hands too!

And now, lower your knees to the ground!

Stay in this position for 3 seconds.

AH-TISH-SHOO... And all fall down! Well done!!! You are now a wee bit slimmer!

P/S: Mummy hopes this is a prelude to me learning how to crawl. By the way, right now I can only stay in position, I can't move. hahahahhahaha

Friday, August 24, 2007

Fisher-price Learning Table!!!

Mummy has been eyeing this toy for the past 2 weeks... since one of Mummy's friends from SMH talked about it. She took one look at it at Robinson's on Wednesday during lunchtime, and promptly fell in love, hahaha. So on Thursday evening she dragged Papa to Taka to get it for me! Mummy hopes that I will be able to practise and improve on my motor skills with this new toy, as she thinks I'm developing a little slower compared to other babies my age (Aiya, Kimi, why you spoil market? Wakakkakakakkakakaka). This table has soooooo many different types of activities for me to do, and it plays sooooo many nice sounds and songs also. I LOVE IT!

Caught in the act exploring my new toy toy!

Close up of the toy for my friends who are interested

Flashing lights! Music! Many different types of activities! What more could a babe ask for?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Adventures at Rasa Sentosa Resort

Hello, welcome to a day in the life of Claire.

Here I am relaxing on the balcony of our room. Cool huh. I can pretend that I'm in Bintan (looks about the same when I look out, anyhow.)

Me and Mummy enjoying picture-taking.

Daddy has this thing about changing into a bathrobe the minute he steps into a hotel room. We have no idea why.