Thursday, December 13, 2007

Today Mummy is invading my space to complete her tag by Auntie Brenda.

I've been tagged by my cousin-in-law, her name is Brenda. Initially I didn't talk to Brenda much when I first knew hubby as we did not see her very often, but then we popped within months of each other, I'm in more regular contact with her (or maybe with her blog... hey, I'm a fan, ok!). Guess now we have much more in common. I'm always very inspired when I read about the wonderful dishes that Brenda and Tona cook for their babes. I try my best when I have the time.

5 Things I'm tagged for:

A. Found in my Room

: 20-inch LCD panel TV. Wow, when we first got this, it seemed so classy and luxurious. We specially built a hole in the wall to accomodate this... and guess what? Now we can get a 37-inch LCD panel for less than what we paid for this! Grrr... but still it has served us well so far. :)

: Mini wall-display of collage of wedding photos in b&w. This was Ah Heng's wedding gift to me. It was inspired by what we saw at our bridal studio. He spent days picking the photos to display and then deciding which photo goes where, then buying, sawing and spraying the wooden frame. kekekekekeke

: Queen-sized bed. At the time (and for the limited bedroom space we have) we thought this was sufficient. But now with Claire around I wish we'd gotten a king-sized bed instead.

: Claire's cot. This was a hand-me-down from my closest cousin. My nephew and niece used this before her. It's in great condition, considering that it's nearly 10 years old. Hope it'll last Claire till she's 2 at least. It's parked right next to my side of the bed, so that I can reach her within seconds when she needs me at night.

: Claire's toy box (Disney pop-up toy storage bin). It's an idea from my mom. Great economical way of keeping her toys out of the way, and it's light and portable too.

B. I have always wanted to in France. Erm, kinda out of the question now, but hey, I have Claire, and that's enough. :) round the world. Erm, maybe when I retire???

..Be a mother. Yup, achieved. heehee.

..Go back to school. Shelved for the present, but we'll get talking again in 2-3 years' time. I definitely wanna go back for my Master's sometime in the future.

..Become trilingual. Target? Need you ask? French of course! But again, shelved for the present.

C. Found in my Bag(Er, can I use my work bag? I don't have other bags to speak of if you're not talking about diaper bags. LOL)

: My trusty BeMine, which I happen to be using as a wallet at present - so much more convenient.

: My BeQuick, which also contains my actual wallet, my thumb drive, and card holder (for the cards which can't fit into my wallet)

: Gymboree invoices - from the last round of Gym I ordered for my kakis back in Oct. What's it still doing in my bag? Er, I seldom pack my bag, so.... *face red red*

: My IB token - gosh, I cannot do without this. Without my IB token, there would be no Sherl - official spree/BP queen (or rather, queen-in-waiting, as I think Dawn and Sharon still win if we were to go into competition. *SCRAM*)

: Makeup pouch - self-explanatory. I don't put on makeup when I'm at home (before going to work) coz 1) I have no time; and 2) I'm worried that Claire will be sensitive to it, since I have to carry her around.

D. Found in my Wallet(er... using my BeMine for this since it effectively functions as my wallet)

: Cash - adequate, for once.

: POSB Atm Card and 2 credit cards - UOB ladies and Robinsons Visa.

: ID Card (for when I wanna drop by the library)

: Car key - I get the car both last week and this week as hubby is indisposed at the moment. kekekekekeke. I am also the designated weekend driver as I love driving and hubby hates it.

: Handphone - yeah man, my handphone fits in here!!!

E. I am currently into

..looking for good nutritious food/recipes for Claire. I believe good feeding habits are key to a lot of stuff in future, and I wanna give Claire the right and best start!

..reading baby blogs. There's something very special about a baby blog - it's really heartwarming to see babies grow up day by day, and when you know them in real life, it makes it even sweeter. shopping. I am a HUGE Gymboree fan, GAP to a lesser extent. Oh, and I love vintage stuff too. And then there's my favourite JJB for myself. HELPPPPPPPP!!!!!!

..reading about baby's development, both intellectual and physical. And I'm trying hard not to be pressured into doing stuff like Shichida, for eg. It's really tough in a competitive society like Singapore's.

..researching on birthday cakes for Claire's upcoming birthday party. Initially decided on Prima Deli, but then... oh well. On with the next one! Do leave me a message if you know anywhere that produces good and also nice-looking cakes. :)

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. brenda . said...

I was impressed with the B&W photo collage when I saw it hanging in the room! Nicely done! didn't know Heng can be so arty.. heh