Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Wishlist

Recently Mummy has been telling me with tears in her eyes that I'll be a big girl soon and I can't keep throwing my baby tantrums and expecting people to give in to me all the time (i.e. Mummy since she's about the only one who lets me bully her so).

Anyway, I finally gathered that I'm going to turn one very very soon (Mummy says in 1 month's time). And apparently some nice aunties and uncles have started asking Mummy what I would like for my first birthday present *blush* So here's my wishlist of some nice-to-haves. Please consider them when you are shopping for me ok. Oh, and if you do get any of the below for me, please tell my mummy so that she can strike them off my wishlist. kekekekekekekeke

CAUTION: Please do not buy me any Barney stuff because A) Mummy is anti-Barney; and B) I am scared of big dark purple things.

In no particular order, here we go:

1. *Fisherprice Little People A to Z Learning Zoo* (Mummy could not resist and decided to get this for me as her birthday present to me, so as to ensure that I get it. It's really so good, you see. heeheehee)

2. Disney Baby Pooh Activity Ride-on (Mummy couldn't find the pic of the Baby Pooh one on the Toys 'r Us website, so she used the pice below instead. But I like the Pooh one. :))

3. Fisher-price Laugh n Learn Musical Chair4. *Playskool Step Start Walk n Ride* (Another nice auntie is getting this for me!!!!)6. Fisher-Price Laugh n Learn Pots & Pans
7. *Playskool Busy Ball Popper* (one nice auntie bought this for me already!!!)

8. Playskool Busy Ball Choo Choo

9. *Fisherprice Ready Steady Rider* (Another nice auntie got this for me already!!!)

10. Fisherprice Musical Magnetic Easel

10. Any Fisherprice Little People products

11. Fisherprice Folding Kitchen Playset (One nice auntie getting me a Fisherprice kitchen playset!!! YES!!!)

12.Studio package from Funshotz (My mummy's gang is getting me a nice studio package!!! YES!!!)

13. Gymboree E-gift Vouchers because Mummy and I can never get enough of Gymboree clothes

My birthday party invitation will be rolled out very very soon, once Mummy and Papa have finalized the details. So exciting! In the meantime, please keep 19 Jan 08 dinnertime free for me as that is the confirmed date. :)


. brenda . said...

You've got the dim sum trolley already no need the '5. Playskool Step Start Walk n Ride', all about the same :)

Books? Has Claire started on reading them? Any particular authors she prefers? My A likes Eric Carle's...

Claire said...

wakakakakkakaka... yeah true la... but I see liao itchy leh... LOL. In fact she got another dim sum trolley at home also.

Claire doesn't show much interest in reading leh, but she seems to like Dr Seuss a lot. Her favourite is There's A Wocket In My Pocket - I've got the board book version and she likes me to read her that. :)