Monday, February 25, 2008

The tale of the camera that byebye-ed

If you are wondering why you haven't been seeing much of me, it's because Mummy's poor IXUSi finally passed away after 4 years. Poor IXUSi. Rest in peace. Please watch out for more Claire-pics after the IT Fair (neither Mummy nor I know when that is happening though) because that's when my Papa says he'll be buying a new camera. Kekekekekeke...

Monday, February 18, 2008

A Weekend of Firsts

15 February 2008 - 1st time I knowingly stood without support. Previously I could only do it unconsciously. The minute I realise that I am without support I will squat down. LOL.

16 February 2008 - 1st full shower. Of course on the next day I cried the house down during my shower, but on the 16th I was good as gold. Really!

17 February 2008 - At my Hougang granny's place - went from squatting to standing without support.

And throughout the weekend - walking with support. Mummy says I walked quite a bit. She's very proud of me, but of course she hopes I can do even better, by walking without support by the end of this week! Dream on Mummy! heeheehee

Sunday, February 10, 2008

My 12.5months milestones

These are my current hobbies:

1) Getting my fingers/hands/feet stuck in tiny holes and then crying for help
2) Treating anything and everything like a drum
3) Throwing things down from my cot so that Mummy will pick them up and return to me (and then the cycle repeats itself)
4) Riding my tricycle
5) Playing catching with Mummy or Granny before/after my evening bath when my diapers are OFF (I've realised that they hate it when I dash off to sit on their pillows after they pull my pants off... I wonder why??? ....)
6) "Xia-ing" people - Boy, is this game fun. Works like this - you give me something, and then I will PRETEND that I want to offer it back to you. When you reach out to take it I will PULL IT BACK! Fun right??!!

These are my current inclinations:

1) Waking up from my afternoon nap in tears when I don't see Mummy
2) Staring down people who try to put me in my place
3) Bursting into tears when I'm scolded
4) Pointing at things (But Mummy still can't figure out whether I'm actually pointing with meaning)
5) Patting Papa on his shoulder/arm to get his attention
6) Vocalizing - mummum, mama, papa

These are my new tricks over the past week:

1) Sucking from straw mug (I just picked this up yesterday - YEA!) and then attempting to put the cover back after finishing with the mug
2) Using various objects - basically anything that moves when pushed and is at the right height - as walkers (Mummy is quite hopeful that within this month I will start walking)
3) Picking up Gerber puffs from my snack container (1 at a time) and putting them in my mouth (before this week I mainly threw them on the floor whenever Mummy asks me to pick one up. I only eat them when Mummy puts them in my mouth)
4) Trying to put things in containers (shape sorter - watch out! Here I come!)

These are things that Mummy wants to help me learn/develop over the next couple of months:

1) Building up enough confidence to stand/take first steps alone
2) Learning to play with my shape sorter purposefully
3) Learning to open and close my straw mug so that I can help myself to water whenever I want
4) Trying out egg and chicken (at last!!!!)
5) Eating more textured foods (not so much porridge)