Saturday, September 15, 2007

Of Hats and Hairclips...

Recently, the whole of SMH January Mommies went a little crazy over headgear, my mummy included. So, I ended up being a Gymboree model again. Oh, and Mummy has this thing about doggies... whenever she sees something with a doggie on it, she can't resist and soon, yours truly will have this doggie thing, whatever it is. So don't be surprised when you see me decked out in doggie wear from head to toe - Mummy designed it to be that way!

Sigh. Mummy, are you wearing this correctly for me? How come I look like a baker boy instead huh?

Do I look like I'm trying to smile? Er, actually I'm screaming at Mummy to take this off. Mummy, Auntie Icy, Auntie Mildy and Auntie Melody bought this for all four of us (me, Rachel, Charlene and Shayna) after seeing Ah Des in this (Auntie Dawn is a bad influence! hahahaha)

In addition, the other day, Mummy found this adorable clip while shopping in Raffles Place the other day. She thought my hair might finally be long enough, so she decided to just buy and try. And... TA-DAH! It fits! I think Ah Des and Charlene should look nice in it too. *Mummy grabs Claire and runs to hide under table* Hello world! Mummy says no one could possibly mistake me for a boy now. Hahaha..

All dressed up and ready to go out... If you're wondering why Mummy didn't pose a picture of me looking at the camera, it's because I REFUSED to pose, after having already posed so much earlier on. So in the end Mummy had no choice. Hiaks.

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