Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Recruit Sim

The time came when I was finally old enough to head off to perform my national service. So one fine day I went off into the great unknown with my silly Ah Gu.

Mummy, I will miss you!!! What's going to happen to me??!! *trembling lips...* BWAAAHHHHH!!!!

Recruit Sim, this is your battle gear. Make sure you don't lose anything.

Hmmm... I think they said this is my new milk bottle from now on. I wonder if it'll contain some of my special milk??

Even baby recruits have to keep up with physical demands! Luckily I'm a strong girl!

101, 102, 103..... This is a breeze man!!!

Today is my bookout day, hurrah, hurrah.... Yay! Mummy, I'm coming home!