Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I love Kindermusik

I started class at Kindermusik on 23 Sep... My mummy and Auntie Serene cajoled and advertised and finally managed to get enough babies to form a class! Yay!

Daddy says Mummy enjoys the class more than me (which Mummy says is probably true) but the key thing is that Mummy feels I will benefit through the class and she really enjoys having this 45min 'alone' playtime with me every week. Though she sometimes grumbles about how she has to carry me and dance all over the place, I know secretly she loves doing it and won't give up the task to anyone else. heehee.

And have I benefitted from the class? Well, Mummy feels I have learnt to enjoy music much much more and she's convinced that seeing all my kakis crawling around during class spurred me on to crawl three weeks after class first started. Maybe, because I hate being left behind! It was quite boring to sit and watch everyone crawling around, so I decided to join in the fun!

Verdict: We likes it! We wants more! So we have signed up for another semester! YES!

Dear everyone, let me introduce you to the place where I have been spending all my Sunday mornings: Kindermusik @ Tanglin Mall!

3 blur babies waiting for class to start.

Mummy and me enjoying our Kindermusik session. In the past 7 weeks, I have learnt how to - clap my hands, wave, crawl... and I've also discovered that drums are my best friend! Mummy is still waiting for me to develop a sense of rhythm, unfortunately. Aiya Mummy, patience, patience!

So come and join me! It'll be fun! See you there! Bye!

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