Sunday, November 11, 2007

Recalling the botak days....

Mummy's feeling nostalgic... so she went digging through the folders for old pictures of me and decided to do a comparison. Betcha've forgotten I was as bald as a monk once eh? After my haircut (*sob*) at the full month, my hair hardly grew, till Granny shaved my head again at 4 months. At that time Mummy was hysterical when she noticed that I suddenly had NO hair again, but it all turned out for the best. Now I'm so proud of my hair *beams* Ok, anyway, a short trip down memory lane:

1st March 2007

Totally hairless Claire (notice the absence of eyebrows? LOL.) looking as boyish as can be, with the HELLO WORLD! expression
13 October 2007

Hairful Claire (notice even the eyebrows are back, much to Mummy's relief?) with the same boyish and HELLO WORLD! expression (some things never change)

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