Sunday, January 27, 2008

Claire is ONE!!! (Part 2)

Ah.... while I'm fast asleep, Mummy finally found some time to finish uploading my birthday party photos. Heeheehee. Take a look at more snippets which made my day...

My birthday dress! Cost Mummy a bomb, but she thinks it's worth it because it's my special day. Oh, and I rewarded her for her efforts by plucking the big flower out from the pin within the first 10 minutes. Luckily Granny found a while to salvage the situation.

Hi folks, come on in (as long as you tell me my dress is nice. hahaha)

But but.... I dun wanna kiss Cousin Arianne!!! *face crumples* (Mummy's note: I dunno why she had such a miserable expression on her face, but it's priceless, isn't it??!!)

Scrumptious buffet spread from Kim's Kitchen... Mummy and Papa made the right choice! (Papa spent days mulling over the menu. Good work Papa!)

Birthday cake from Pine Garden. Top tier - triple chocolate. Bottom tier - lychee martini. But neither of which I ate. :( Mummy and Papa spent over 50 minutes standing in Pine Garden deciding exactly which design to get for me. (Papa almost killed Mummy there and then)

My cake with the big "1" candle. Gorgeous huh???!!!

Happy birthday to me!!!

Sweet moment from the princess of the day.

Goodbye! Thanks for coming! (And the pressies too!!!)

KO.... Entertaining for a whole evening ain't exactly easy to do! But Mummy and Papa told me that I was a very good girl that night and didn't fuss much. But of course - I'm a little princess after all!

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