Monday, January 21, 2008

Claire is ONE!!!! (Part 1)

My birthday party is over! I had a great time, and so did Mummy and Papa. Thank you all the nice aunties and uncles, and cuzzies, who came over to celebrate my special day with me! Here are some pics to share, courtesy of my ah Peh, the official photographer of the day. In this first batch, let me share with you the pains my family went to in order to decorate our place:

This swirling decoration had everyone asking Mummy where she got this, so Mummy considers it money well spent (though it's not that expensive to begin with la).

My personalized banner strategically placed at the lift lobby, to inform my guests that they have reached the correct place. :) I LOVES it!!!

The odd trio greeting guests at the door. Mummy and Papa got Doraemon and Bloody Pooh in Bangkok coz they thought they were cute, but apparently no one else appreciates them. :( Luckily though I do show signs of being as quirky as my parents.

Banner in the house for cake cutting pictures.

And the most important "decoration" piece - ME! Waiting to be giftwrapped and then passed around.

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