Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mummy's night out

Mummy is going to attend her friend's wedding dinner tonight and leaving me home alone with Daddy. But Daddy has placed a STOP order on Grandma so that he will not be totally helpless if the need arises, kekekekekekeke.... Mummy also couldn't bear to leave me at home but she says we must learn to live without each other sometimes too... (actually, Mummy probably misses me more than I miss her, hahahahhaha) Mummy has reassured me that she'll be back later tonight and that she has left a bottle of my special milk in the fridge. Hopefully Daddy will know how to heat it up. I'm a little nervous.... Mummy, come home soon!!!!

Mummy: Claire, look at the camera and smile! We haven't taken a nice picture together yet!

Claire: Huh? Camera? What's that? Is that the funny thing that's blocking Daddy's face??

Mummy: *grrrr*

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