Saturday, June 28, 2008

New School and New Experiences

As I'm turning 18 months soon, Mummy decided that it's time for me to begin attending toddler classes where I'd get to interact more and also do more formal learning. Upon Auntie SK's recommendation, Mummy got me on the waitlist at this place called Kids Loft a couple of months ago, and today I had my first lesson. Mummy was quite happy with my progress even though I was not always following the lesson.

Unfortunately no pictures were taken as Papa had to go to school and Mummy had her hands full looking after me. Later when Papa has time to accompany me to school too, we'll have some photos up. :)

The class was very conducive as it was of a smaller number than my Kindermusik class. Teacher Lavina was very nice and I enjoyed her singing, but Mummy understands that it'll take a while for me to truly warm up to Teacher Lavina, though I quite liked her already by the end of the lesson today. :)

A couple of things that surprised Mummy during class:

1) During Art and Craft, we were supposed to paint a black spider. After watching how Teacher Lavina did it, I tried to follow. Though Mummy still had to hold my hand to guide me, she actually did less guiding than she thought she would have needed to.

2) During snack time, I picked up the plastic cup alloted to me and drank from it, though that was the first time I was given that kind of cup to hold! Mummy was really pleasantly surprised at that. Tomorrow Mummy is going to change the cover on my drinking mug to step 4. :)

3) Although I was not always following the lesson, I was not as distracted as Mummy feared I would be. I managed to stay focused at least 70% of the lesson, which is very good! :)

We're looking forward to next Saturday again, where I'm going to stick the legs on my spider. :) Mummy will take a picture of it to show off here when I'm done with it. :)

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