Saturday, June 14, 2008

Snack Trap

I love feeding myself. Currently I am limited to feeding myself biscuits and bread. Sometimes Mummy will scoop a spoonful of rice and pretend to let me hold when she is actually still controlling it (Ha, Mummy, you think I dunno izzit??!!) but because I'm still not very sure where my mouth is (Go on, come and ask me, it changes position everyday. *gloat*) so I end up making a mess, my food gets wasted and it goes cold before I can finish it.

But Mummy knows that at some point in time she'd have to just hand me a spoon and a bowl of food, put lots of newspaper around, and then close her eyes tight tight, and hope that when she opens them 1/2 hour later I'd have miraculously managed to finish my meal without dropping a single crumb (Ha! fat hope!)

But again, we are digressing. This post is actually to blog about one of Mummy's good buys off the forum. This unassuming-looking cup with the funny opening is called a Snack Trap. It enables Mummy to be able to throw me my biscuits and leave me to my own devices while she does other evil stuff, without needing to worry that I am throwing biscuits/container around the place.

Watching Baby TV and eating from my Snack Trap.


Big accomplishment! I can feed myself without creating a mess!

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