Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm Egg-cited (Mummy's memories)

This evening, as we were sitting in the living room relaxing after dinner, Claire suddenly turned her attention towards the bar counter, where a tray of eggs was lying, and told me, "Claire Claire (yao) kan ji dan." (translation: Claire wants to look at the eggs)

I obliged and carried her up to look at the tray of eggs, but after a while, it got a bit tiring (and boring!) to stare at the tray of eggs. So I put her down again.

To our (my mom and I) surprise, Claire was very persistent and insisted she wanted to look at the tray of eggs again. So my mom brought the tray of eggs down to the coffee table, asked Claire to sit on the sofa and gaze at the eggs from afar.

Which was exactly what she did.

And after a while, Claire came out of her trance, noticed me, and pointed to the seat beside her: "Mummy, kan ji dan!" And I had to sit next to her and pretend to gaze at the eggs too, for a good 10 minutes, before i gave up and got up. Claire immediately pointed to the seat again and told me firmly, "Mummy, kan ji dan!" Poor me, huh? Back to egg-gazing.

Gosh, who knew a tray of eggs could be so fascinating? *yawn*

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