Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gogo Bambini!!

Now that I can finally walk, Mummy can finally fulfil her goal of bringing me to play at one of those new-fangled indoor playgrounds! And her choice of playground was one of the more well-known ones - Gogo Bambini at Dempsey Road.

Review: These indoor playgrounds are really more for 3-4 year olds huh? There were such crowds of 3-4 year olds screaming and running wild all over the place. Still I enjoyed myself at the infant ball pit for a while, and Mummy also brought me into the playground itself for a bit, in a secluded corner where I stood less risk of being trampled on.

Price: PRICEY!!!! This outing together with lunch for Granny, Mummy and me cost a whopping $50. And it wasn't even that fun. Humph.

Aftermath: The next day, Mummy felt very stupid for bringing me to the indoor playground as she suddenly remembered that it was the peak of HFMD. *slams head against wall* Well, the good news was I didn't come down with HFMD, but i did manage to come back with a rather nasty bout of flu. Mummy just thanks her lucky stars that it was only flu and not something else.

Rare smiling picture - Gogo Bambini's cafe

Mummy and ME!

Surrounded and half-buried in the ball pit!

Why doesn't anyone want to play with me? *sob*

Oooo.... isn't the ceiling high....

YEA! I've mastered the art of balancing!

Am I cute or am I cute??!!

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