Saturday, April 12, 2008

Claire at 14.5 months...

Ok, just a short record of what I've been doing the past week.

Mummy's newest form of entertainment - asking me to point at my body parts. I can identify my nose, eyes, mouth, ears and hair. Mummy also thinks I can identify my foot. But I have a strange tendency to tell Mummy that my mouth is up my nostril, and my eyes are really in my ears. It irritates her no end, because she knows I can give her the right answer, but I'm just being naughty, as usual.

Other things I can do:
1) Toddle around class helping Ms Shauna keep the instruments and such. I like to pick up the instruments (Mummy nearly fainted last week when I picked up the heavy drum I was allotted and happily went looking for Ms Shauna) and approach Ms Shauna with them. When I'm in class, I forget that I need Mummy around in order to walk, so I'm quite happy toddling around. But outside of class Mummy has to hold my hand, if not I will just crawl. LOL.

2) When I want to go out, I will go look for my shoes and try to put them on. Oh, and I will stand at attention by my tricycle. Not that Mummy takes any notice *grrrr*.

3) Taking off my clothes. I will put my hands up so that Mummy finds it easier to slip my shirts off. Sometimes she just takes my arms out and then leaves me to pull the shirt off my head. *rolls eyes* My Mummy gets amused by the silliest things.

4) Not progressing much in terms of actual talking, but I AM getting much better at communicating! To Mummy's horror, this week I've stopped wanting to talk. Instead I'm quite happy pointing, shaking my head, and em-ahing my way through. Any ideas on how to encourage me to learn to talk again? Please drop Mummy a note!

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