Saturday, April 12, 2008

By popular demand

Ok, I finally managed to prod Mummy into sitting at the computer and uploading more pics from our photoshoot!!! Most are happy-Claire faces.

Mummy bought this Dale from HK Disneyland for herself, but somehow I took a crazy fancy to it and now I get to borrow it most of the time. LOL

Rocking horse!!! It was my Ah Gu who first taught me how to play on the rocking horse. I have a similar one at home, but this one is more colourful.

Nice pose? Heehee

One of Mummy's favourites - Papa says I look Harry-Potterish.

Fell in love with this walker at the studio and wouldn't let it go.

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. brenda . said...

Aiyo... addictive smile she has!