Sunday, June 24, 2007

My first semi-solid meal

Yea! Today Mummy decided that it's finally the right time to start me off on rice cereal. The cereal has actually been sitting on the top shelf of our kitchen cabinet for three weeks already.

Mummy was worried that I won't take to the rice cereal well, so she made me only 1 teaspoon and made it very very watery, but to her surprise, I took to it like a duck to water. In fact, I wanted MORE (see, that accounts for my chubby physique!) but Mummy says it's enough for one day, she's gotta see how I poo first. Heheheh.

So tomorrow Mummy is going to ask Granny to make my cereal slightly thicker, and then during the week Granny is probably going to give me some cooked apple. :) *happy* Mummy says she'll make some carrot puree for me this weekend. Yay!

Apprehensive Claire waiting for her cereal...

So this is what most of my Jan friends are taking, and I've been missing out on. Hmmm.....

Say "Ahhhhhh......"

We likes it! MORE! MORE! MORRREEEEE!!!!

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