Friday, June 22, 2007

Spot the Clairester

Today, Mummy was digging in Daddy's picture folders to see what new pictures of me she could post, when she came across a folder of pictures taken during their last pre-Claire trip. Mummy told me that this was my first documented overseas trip, hahahahhahahaha. And it just so happened to be a cruise as well (although it was on a cheapo cruise as Star Cruise would not accept Mummy and me on the ship - grrrr, long story). Anyway, at that time I was 24 weeks old in Mummy's tummy, on a 2-day cruise to nowhere. Mummy says I was seasick throughout the trip coz I didn't move much and she was quite worried for me, but the minute we touched shore I became active again. Luckily on my recent Star Cruise trip I had no such problems (though I got terribly homesick by the 2nd night).

See if you can spot me in the following pictures, kekekekekekeke. (By the way, Mummy's latest nickname for me is 'Clairester', which Daddy doesn't like much, but I think it's ok!)

Mummy and me on the top deck. (Wah, Mummy was so fat when she was having me!)

See, there's me again! Dun ask me why Mummy had that look on her face.... I also dunnoe. Was I torturing her? hahahahahahaha

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