Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Wedding Celebration

First off, congrats to my Uncle JJ and Auntie LL!!!! They finally took the final plunge today and hopefully I can have a little cousin to play with soon! Pretty please? Wakkakakakakkakakakaka...

Anyway their wedding lunch was held at a restaurant in Haw Par Villa called Made in China. Verdict: Best wedding banquet ever. Although I didn't get to taste most of the food, Mummy and Papa assured me that I REALLY missed out on the shark's fin soup, crab meat bee hoon and wasabi lobster. *sigh* But no matter, I was actually satisfied with my minced chicken and sweet corn bisque that Uncle JJ and Auntie LL had so thoughtfully ordered for me and the other small kids. I spent the entire meal feeding myself the bisque, resulting in peace for my parents (and no doubt contributing to their enjoyment).

And for those who have missed seeing me, this is how I look like, at nearly 21 months old (wow, that's very old le...)

Me with my bowbow from Ashley's Bowtique. I wore it for at least half the banquet, which Mummy says is a new record.

Mummy thought Papa was going to take a nice picture of us, but NOPE, he was merely trying out his new camera *rolls eyes*. See the blur figure behind Mummy? Papa was trying to do the journalistic thing, as usual.

Me in nice dress for the occasion. Mummy had been waiting for the right opportunity to put me in this, hahaha. Today was the day i finally fitted in this dress, and there happened to be an occasion for me to wear it!

Papa trying his 'journalistic' stunt again. I have to admit he's getting better at it, though.

Oops! Caught in the act! I got this hand-over-mouth action from Ms Lavina. Mummy can't stop laughing at me whenever I g, "Oh no!" and cover my mouth, like this.

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