Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm Up and Running Again

'Allo 'allo? Who's that on the other end???
I've recovered! Evidence of this? Look at me up to mischief again. My newest hobby is making phone calls. Or maybe it's more accurate to say I like to talk on the phone. Or I like to pretend to talk on the phone. I'm quite good at it when no one is on the other line, but unfortunately for some reason I'm unable to carry on a real conversation because I go into shock if someone actually talks to me from the other end. I guess I'm still more at ease in my make-believe world. I even pretend to answer the phone when it rings (I don't pick the phone up though, I just stop whatever it is I'm doing, hold up an imaginary receiver and go 'HA-LLO?' very loudly)
The big question: so was it, or was it not rotavirus? Unfortunately we can't tell without taking the stools test (which we didn't). But thankfully it cleared up very fast; by the 2nd day my fever had cleared and my diarrhoea situation ended about 4-5 days later; by the time a week was up I went back to my solid stools state.
Mummy would like to thank all the aunties who have asked about my health. Let us assure everyone that I am back to my usual self!

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