Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 5: Caversham Wildlife Park

We headed for Caversham Wildlife Park bright and early in the morning because Mummy wanted to make the most of our time there. Er.. actually we wanted to head out bright and early, but we got delayed because I was doing my business. So when we got there it was still bright, but not that early...

Anyhow, we really enjoyed ourselves there, and Mummy and Papa strongly encourage any families with young kids to allocate one full day for Caversham and Whiteman Park (where Caversham is located). We spent over two hours in the kangaroo enclosure because we loved getting upclose with the roos, and we also spent 1 hour just gazing at the koalas. P/S: It also helps to go on a weekday, where it is much less crowded.

Mummy raring to go; me grumpy at having been woken up from my hour-long nap.

Koala bear! It was also Mummy and Papa's first encounter with these furry cuties, and they loved them. Papa also commented that koalas reminded him of Stitch.

Me patting a koala. The keeper said you have to pat them with the back of your hand so that you don't hurt them.

This koala almost kissed Mummy! Mummy was wondering why Granny and Ah Gu were shrieking away as Papa took her picture.

Me running around while waiting for the Wombat and Friends show to commence.

Mummy made me touch this scaly thing even though she didn't dare to, because she says I should not inherit her fears, so she makes it a point to let me confront all her worst fears. Huh? Shouldn't she confront them on her own? LOL. Anyway I think this is a bobcat...

Picture op with a joey! Of all places I decided to rub the joey's belly.... well, since I, a human baby, liked having my belly rubbed, I guess she should too!

Feeding a kangaroo in the kangaroo enclosure. It's in the afternoon, so they are all lazing around in the hot afternoon sun.... And didn't show much interest in food...

This donkey looks EXACTLY like Donkey from Shrek, right down to the expression in his goofy eyes.

Hello. My mummy said you're a reindeer. We didn't expect you to be so big in real life. How come your nose isn't red, huh?

Feeding the rabbits. I had to tiptoe and lean over just to feed them.

The llama which looked exactly like the llama llama character in the 'Llama llama' series that I like so much.

Feeding the billy goat. See, I told ya I liked feeding animals! Mummy and Papa says this place is about 10,000 times better than the Singapore zoo because you don't have to pay to feed the animals here. All included in the AUD22 entrance fee.

Saying hello to the camel. Too bad we reached the camel enclosure too late and I couldn't get a camel ride.

Bonus: Video evidence of my over-enthusiasm in feeding kangaroos. LOL.


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