Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthday treat... a day at the zoo

For my birthday treat this year, Mummy and Papa thought it'd be nice to spend the day at the zoo (and from hindsight, it is really lucky that they decided to do so, as my actual birthday plans were derailed... *sob* - see next entry for details!) Actually for my birthday treat last year (or rather sort-of birthday treat) we went to the zoo as well, but that time I was really too young and blur to enjoy anything. This time round though, I had a grand time checking out all the animals (and I'm sure they had a nice time checking me out too). We even managed to catch 2 shows! However, one thing Mummy and Papa found quite puzzling was the fact that they found the zoo much less comprehensive than last time. Where did all the animals disappear to???

All in all, we had a wonderful day, and of course, Papa had a field day playing with his Canon S5. Mummy made him take some pictures of us, so in the end 5-10% of the pictures had us in it. But the rest were of animals and flowers (??!! Papa loves to check out the macro function of the cam).

Obligatory animal pic - my favourite enclosure (and Mummy's alltime favourite too!) - the otters!!!

One of those shots that Mummy had to force Papa to take, just to prove that we went to the zoo

My "cute" pose - just gotta figure out how to smile along with this pose...

It figures... that for the one picture that I smile straight at the camera... Papa doesn't use his flash. Grrrr....

Oh, Mummy has a great story to go along with this pic. As we were reviewing the pictures on the computer the night after we came back from the zoo, i saw this picture and I said, "Claire Claire zou lu, Mummy qian shou!" (In Chinese. Translates to - "Claire Claire walk, Mummy hold (her) hand!") It was the very first sentence that Mummy heard me say, and she's so proud of it she's been repeating it to anyone who would listen. Granted it wasn't a very full or even grammatically correct sentence, but it was still progress for me!

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