Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fun at Kids Kampong

There came one fine Sunday when Papa suggested to Mummy that they took me somewhere non-airconditioned and non-shopping related for once. Mummy pounced at the opportunity and that's how we ended up at Pasir Ris Kids' Kampong, where, for $1 per person (of course babes like me go in free), we get to enter with a small packet of feed. There's longkang and rod fishing available at a much higher price, but as I'm not very adventurous, Mummy and Papa decided against it.

I found the place quite interesting - there was a rabbit station, a tortoise station, a chicken station, a duck station and a geese station, but my favourite of course were the fish in the pond. They were the only things I dared to feed anyway, LOL. We actually managed to stay there longer than Papa and Mummy thought we would.

Verdict: It's definitely worth a visit, but my visits there would be infrequent because we live right on the other side of the island.

Acting cute...

Mummy and the Clairester posing for a photo... hey, I actually came close to smiling!

Feeding the fishies - so much fun!

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