Sunday, October 4, 2009

Every Mommy's Secret Dream

When I was young, I loved poring through my mother's wedding album, and above all, totally, totally envying my cousin, who had the good fortune to be my mother's flower girl. My mother kept her flower girl's dress and I remember frequently opening my mother's wardrobe to sneak a peek at the dress, and wishing so, so hard that I'd get a chance to wear it. Unfortunately, my mother was not only the runt of the litter; on top of everything else, she married late in life (well, not THAT late, but considered quite late for her generation), so I never got the chance. *sad*

But anyway, to cut the long story short, even before Claire was born, I dreamed of her wearing a pretty, frilly dress and walking down the aisle as someone's flower girl. And so Claire and I would like to thank Audrey for giving her this chance, and down the aisle in a church, no less!!!

Most people, including Claire-papa, couldn't believe that a 2.5yr old could actually do it. Having heard stories of flower girls who got stage fright, even at 4, 5 years old, I was a little worried that Claire would pull a stunt on the day itself. But then she went for the rehearsal and met her partner, the very friendly and charming Dylan, as well as Dylan's very affable and sweet sister Ria, and after that I felt more relaxed about it. The 3 kids also got along famously, much to my surprise, as this was the first time Claire enjoyed playing with friends so much!

The day itself - all went well, save for one very embarassing moment... Just when I was congratulating myself on how well-behaved Claire was, sitting quietly in the pew, half an hour into the ceremony....

Priest: (some blessing chant)
My feelings - absolutely awed by the beauty of the ceremony and the sanctity of the moment
SUDDENLY... drifts of a familiar strain in the background of the chanting: "A B C D E F G..... H I J K..."
Claire-papa: (nudges me) That's YOUR daughter singing!!!!
Me: *stares back in horror and runs to the front pew to retrieve the Clairester*

So, memories of Audrey and Mathew's very special day - thanks so much for letting us be a part of it!

Mommy, Clairester and Dylan. (P.S. The flowerball was handmade by the bride. So beautiful huh!)

Claire and Dylan.

Claire and Ria waiting for the commencement of the ceremony.

Yes, that was indeed me singing A B C in the middle of the wedding ceremony. *cheeky grin*

Enjoying her pappadum.

And the bonus for today, because I haven't blogged for so long (YES, I know I'm still not done with the Aussie entries), is the video of Claire doing her flower girl act... Yea, she made it to the end of the aisle!

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