Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Estelle's mummy, Auntie Serene, invited us to go trick-or-treating with them this Halloween. Mummy thought it'd be an interesting experience for me, so off we went!

Luckily, Mummy saw this fairy costume going cheap in Perth in July and got it for me. She intended for me to use this next year, but then we decided to go trick-or-treating this year instead, so....

All ready to go. Mummy DIYed my treat-or-treat basket from materials from Golden Dragon store near her work place. Cute huh?

The two little fairies of the night - me and Deszi!!!

You didn't think I'd walk around on my own? right you are. Made my mummy carry me almost all the way. :P She's the one in the green tank, and I'm the one with the white hat, obviously. (didn't go too well with my costume, but there was a light drizzle)

And here we are again...

My loots. We ended ahead of time, as the rain started getting heavier. :( But my loots were still substantial.

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