Friday, December 25, 2009

Homemade Fishcakes!!! (Mummy's entry)

I still try to cook for Claire when I have the time and energy, but I must admit I've grown a lot lazier from last time when I used to prepare 3 meals a day for her. Recently, my meals for her have been restricted to pasta with white sauce, bolognese pasta, stir-fried pasta... partly due to her pickiness with food, though I know pasta ain't always the healthiest meal! But it gets really discouraging after a while when you spend hours preparing something, only to have her take one bite and reject it. Lately I've had a conscience attack, so I dug out my cookery books and looked for something healthy again (as well as something I was reasonably sure she would eat), and the result was this:

Homemade (with love) fishcakes...

... Accompanied by Dolmio's Mushroom and herb sauce which we both love

Doesn't look appetizing, but tasted surprisingly good! Coz I adapted it from a recipe and I was not exactly accurate with the ingredient portions, the mixture did not stick together as well as I thought it should. Or maybe it was because I made them too thin as I was worried they wouldn't cook through, so they broke apart quite easily when I was picking them up to place in the frying pan.
Anyway, here are the ingredients I used:
portion of salmon
portion of cod fish
japanese sweet potato approx. equal to the amount of fish, when mashed up (the sweet potato, that is, not the fish!) - the actual recipe denoted potatoes, but I didn't get them, thinking that my MIL would definitely have them at home, only to find out that she didn't, so I improvised and used what she did have. anyway sweet potato is supposed to be more nutritious. This is also a good way of getting Claire to eat sweet potato, coz she's refused to eat sweet potato for months now. I was quite surprised that I couldn't really taste the sweet potato at all - it just went down really well with the fish, for some reason!
3 mini portobellos
a sprig of chinese coriander (wang sui)
2 digestive cookies, crumbled (actually not enough, should have used 3)
butter (for frying)

The Clairester gobbled up an amount equivalent to her usual lunch and said she liked it. :) Will try to do the fishcakes up in nice shapes the next time to encourage her to eat more.


Deszi said...

Looks good!

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