Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Potty Training

Have I mentioned that I have my very own potty now? It all started when I refused to poo during the weekends... or actually I should just say, I REFUSE to poo during the weekends. Anyway, Mummy gets very worried whenever I do that, though Granny constantly assures her that I have NO problem whatsoever with pooing during weekdays. So Daddy came up with the bright idea that since I usually use a potty at Granny's house, I may poo if they buy me a potty to use at home. Since acquiring the potty about 1 month ago, Mummy has been dutifully shee-sheeing and ng-nging me every Saturday and Sunday morning, but so far she has only been rewarded with one pool of pee. Which goes to show one thing: Don't force the Clairester to do things she doesn't like! *evil snicker*

Daddy, why are you taking a picture of this too??? *shy*

Holding court on my throne

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