Monday, February 12, 2007

Claire of ten thousand looks

Ok, today I decided to take a rare afternoon nap, which is why Mummy has time to sit at the computer to create a new post! Today's theme: My ten thousand different looks since I was born!
As I said before, I did NOT appreciate being dragged out of my warm home (i.e. Mummy's tummy) like that...

Ooo... finally awake... I look much better when my face is not all red and scrunched up, huh?

Daddy was horrified when he first saw this picture coz he says I look exactly like him. Luckily for me that's slowly changing... hahahahahhahahaha

Slowly slimming down and beginning to look more like my cutie self!

This is my pensive, reflecting-on-my-future look. Heheheheheheheh

Being mischievious and sticking out my tongue for the camera

My innocent, I'm-a-princess-and-I-did-nothing-wrong look

Helloooooooooo world! Two weeks since my first photo!

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