Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mummy's sophomore effort at making a montage

Ok, today I'm a good girl, and Granny is home with Mummy, so Mummy had some time to play around with Powerpoint. Not bad hor??

The experience was a bit harrowing though, as my Mummy was so clumsy. Never mind, I shall give her a few more chances and see.

Today was Mummy's second try at bathing me, and this time she did it ALONE, since Granny was out doing marketing! Mummy scared me so much that I pooped onto her nightie! Aiyah, actually hor, not she scared me la, but it was still her fault, because she forgot to make me finish my toilet business first before bathing me, like how Granny taught her. Mummy says next time she's wearing armour before bathing me liao.

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